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Note: GW has implemented a 180-day storage limit for Blackboard Collaborate, Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom cloud recording storage on January 1, 2023. For more information on the transition and ways to back up your recordings, visit our FAQ.


Teams provides a centralized platform for faculty, staff, and students to communicate in real-time through text chat, audio and video calls, fostering efficient and instant communication across the campus community.

With features like team channels, file sharing, and integrated Microsoft 365 apps, Teams facilitates seamless collaboration. Teams enables virtual classrooms, online lectures, and interactive discussions, allowing faculty to conduct remote learning experiences, and students to attend classes and engage in academic activities from anywhere, fostering flexibility and inclusivity in education.

Teams streamlines administrative processes by enabling virtual meetings, departmental discussions, and sharing important updates and documents, enhancing communication and productivity among staff members.

Features include:

  • Calling Internally to University
  • Training or teaching with break-out sessions
  • Record Session
  • Screen sharing
  • Mobile & Desktop app
  • Use our Web Conferencing comparison chart for a full list of features.






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  • Staff
  • Faculty
  • Student 


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