GW Information Technology provides a number of research technology services for GW students, faculty, staff and community members. These services support computationally intensive research computing and are designed to enhance the university's research and education goals. 

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For research needs that use high-performance computing for data analysis, GW has implemented Colonial One, a shared high-performance computing cluster.

Colonial One is managed by professional staff in GW IT, with university-sponsored computational staff housed in the Computational Biology Institute, School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), Milken Institute School of Public Health, and the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. Access to Colonial One is open to the university community. 


Colonial One is housed on the Virginia Science and Technology Campus in one of GW's two enterprise-class data centers and features the following:

  • Professional IT management by GW IT, including 24-hour on-premise and remote environment monitoring with hourly staff walkthroughs

  • Redundant power distribution, including UPS (battery) and generator backup

  • Redundant cooling systems using a dedicated chilled water plant and a glycol refrigeration system.

  • Direct network connectivity to GW's robust 100-Gigabit fiber optic network

​Compute and Interconnect Capacity

Colonial One’s initial compute capacity features a total of 2,924 CPU cores and 1132,288 CUDA cores in these compute node configurations:

  • 64 standard CPU nodes featuring dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 2.6GHz 8-core processors with varying ranges of RAM capacity (64GB, 128GB, and 256GB nodes) and dual on-board solid state hard drives

  • 79 CPU nodes featuring dual Intel Xeon E5-2650v2 2.6 GHz 8-core processors with 128 GB of RAM each

  • 32 GPU nodes featuring dual Intel Xeon E-2620 2.0GHz 6-core processors with dual NVIDIA K20 GPUs and 128 GB of RAM 

  • 1 large-memory node featuring four Intel Xeon E7-8857v2 3.0 GHz 12-core processors with 2 TB of RAM

  • FDR InfiniBand network interconnect featuring 54.5 Gbps total throughput, with 2:1 oversubscription per compute node.

​Storage Systems

The Colonial One cluster has both a primary storage system and a high-speed scratch storage system connected to the Infiniband network fabric. Both are accessible throughout the entire cluster, and remote file transfer services are provided through dedicated login nodes. Additional specifications include:

  • Dell NSS primary storage with 120 TB of usable capacity

  • Dell/Terascala Lustre HSS high-speed scratch storage with 250 TB of usable capacity

UCS Stack

UCS Stack is a high performance virtual environment that provides virtual machines with direct access to a 100GB network infrastructure.  It is integrated with the high performance high capacity cluster, Colonial One, located on the GW Virginia Science and Technology Campus (VSTC). 

Stay Informed

View Colonial One user documentation on our wiki page.

CAAREN & Colonial One Use Acknowledgement

Have you used CAAREN or Colonial One for an award, publication or project? If so, let us know! Please fill out this form to help us document and credit the use of these systems. 


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GW Information Technology offers regulated environments and data protection, along with risk assessments. 

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View the Research Guide from GW Libraries for information on Data Management Plans, best practices, archiving data, data security and data use agreements. 

Data management refers to activities and practices that support the long-term preservation, access, and use of data.

Activities can include:

  • planning
  • documenting 
  • formatting 
  • storing 
  • anonymizing
  • setting access restrictions on data.

Federal funding agencies and government entities may require data to be made available after the completion of a funded research project. These agencies may also require transparency of project operations, which means that data management plans must be outlined, submitted, and approved during the initial proposal process for every research project.

GW IT Information Security and Compliance Services team is responsible for establishing and maintaining policies and conducting risk assessments to ensure that George Washington University has a secure information technology environment. GW departments and projects can request or be asked to undergo a risk assessment for their information resources. These formal risk assessments may be conducted in a variety of ways, including:

  • Application Security Assessments or Penetration Testing
  • 3rd Party Application Security Assessments
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Business Impact Analysis

$6,600 per instance


GW IT provides service agreement support, consulting and technology support. 

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GW IT works with schools, business units, and researchers to identify and implement IT solutions, while addressing specific needs. Combining technical expertise with an understanding of the unique requirements of the George Washington University environment, we identify optimal solutions for the GW community. Consulting services include evaluation and recommendation, provisioning, integration, management, and support.

Advanced Engineering and Support Services are offered in 3 different areas.

  • Network and Security Systems provided by Communications & Technology Support Services (C&TSS)
  • Web Services provided by Mobile and Web Services
  • Virtual, Infrastructure, Platform and Enterprise Systems provided by System Engineering Services (SES)

Labor Hourly Rate:

  • Communications & Technology Support Services (Network and Security Systems): $40.00
  • University Web & Identity Services (Web Services): $70.00
  • System Engineering Services (Virtual, Infrastructure, Platform and Enterprise Systems): $53.00

GW Information Technology offers enhanced computer support services for faculty & staff workstations on a contractual basis for departments, units or divisions ensuring a stable, and reliable computing environment.  This service includes complete setup and technical support of a typical functional office environment.  Additionally, specialized support tools including remote management, centralized workstation software updates (patches), centrally maintained and distributed software applications, security and authentication, file sharing, computer and software inventory management, firewall configuration and anti-virus updates can be used to effectively and in some cases remotely provide support, correct problems, and add maintain software.

Fee to be determined

Service Agreement (SA) - Administration and Management includes the following elements:

  • Assist university departments in the understanding of information technology needs including specific project or technology requirements.
  • Coordinate review and prioritization of projects with IT Project Management Office and technical service units.
  • Facilitate resolution of high-priority customer service issues.
  • Continual process and service improvement based on evolving customer needs and / or service offerings.
  • Regularly scheduled meetings with customers and necessary staff to ensure communication of successes, challenges and operational status of services.

No fee

This service description outlines support standards that apply to most GW IT services. Generally, Service Level Agreements (SLA) will reference this service description and note specific deviations from these standards.

  • Incident reporting, response and technical escalation procedure
  • Administrative escalation
  • Service availability
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Unscheduled outages

These standards are considered baseline standards, individual service descriptions may contain additional or modified service standards.

No fee

GW Information Technology Support Center (ITSC) provides call center and helpdesk services to all faculty and staff on supported systems, technologies and services.  Serving as the primary point of contact, the ITSC provides skilled staff that will receive and record calls (incidents); make an attempt to resolve the incident; escalate incidents to either Level 2 or 3 IT specialists or to outside vendors; and communicate status of incidents to customers.

Fee to be determined


GW IT provides data storage options, server service and shared service offerings (networking, computing, data and applications services). 

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Data storage is provided on GW IT supported servers.

View the Research Guide from GW Libraries for information on Data Management Plans, best practices, archiving data, data security and data use agreements. 

GW Information Technology offers a dedicated virtual server environment that will support a group of researchers and support staff associated with a project, this environment will be used to store and analyze research data. 

Base system: $211.77 per month 
Consists of:

  • Base Cost (up to 90VM): $14.13 per year
  • vCPU: $32.30 per year
  • GB of RAM: $6.23 per year
  • GB of Storage: $0.63 per year