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FollowMe printing is currently only accessible through Citrix.  Please see Printing from CCAS Citrix Workspace for instructions on how to print.

FollowMe printing allows users to print from their personal and university-owned Windows, Linux, and Mac machines securely and easily. Print jobs can be released at the copier using your GWorld Card to tap and print. Other features include a single print driver installation on your workstation and a reduction in the environmental impact associated with copiers.

What do you need to use CCAS Follow Me Printing

A CCAS Cloud account and GWorld Card.

  • Your CCAS Cloud account will be used to submit all print jobs, while your GWorld Card will be used to release and print your jobs at the Canon copier machine. 

  • The CCAS Cloud account is separate from your GW user name and password, and requires separate set up. If you do not have a CCAS Cloud Account, an account will be created for you and an e-mail will be sent with your credentials.

Reset your CCAS Cloud account password

Submit an incident to reset your CCAS Cloud account password

Submit an incident if your account set up link is expired


The CCAS Follow Me Print Driver installed on your computer.

How to install Follow Me Print Driver on Mac

How to install Follow Me Print Driver on PC

How to install Follow Me Printer Driver on Linux

Once the Follow Me print queue has been installed, you can release your print job at the copier by tapping your GWorld Card.


Access to GWireless, the CCAS VPN or an ethernet connection connected to the CCAS domain.

How to access GWireless

How to access CCAS VPN

CCAS domain is located in most CCAS office spaces via a wired internet connection

Printing from CCAS Citrix Workspace

  1. Navigate to and log in with your CCAS Cloud account and upon sign in: 
  • Users with the Citrix Workspace App installed click on Detect Citrix Workspace App
  • Users without the Citrix Workspace App installed click on Use Light Version
  1. Click and launch the Citrix Application to open Adobe Reader, Chrome, Word, etc.
  2. To print from the application, select FollowMe from your printer options.

Common CCAS Follow Me Printing Problems

You do not have the printer installed on their computer.

How to install Follow Me Print Driver on Mac

How to install Follow Me Print Driver on PC

How to install Follow Me Printer Driver on Linux


You have a CCAS-imaged PC and the Follow Me printer has been uninstalled.

  1. Connect to GWireless, CCAS VPN or from any on campus wired connection
  2. Open the windows search bar in the bottom left corner of your screen and type "cmd" and press enter
  3. When the black command window opens type "gpupdate /force" and press enter (Note: you need to include a space before the /)
  4. You will need to let the script run, waiting for both user policy and computer policy to complete
  5. Reboot the computer and printing should be restored.


On a Mac: the printer pauses every time you send a print job or you get a "Hold for authentication" message when you try to print.

Either your CCAS Cloud password has expired or your computer has not registered your recent CCAS Cloud password change.

Note: These steps may need to be done on Macs each time you reset your CCAS Cloud password

  1. Reset password if needed. Submit a support incident if you are unable to reset your password on your own.
  2. Connect to CCAS VPN allowing your computer to recieve the updated CCAS Cloud password.
  3. If you get a "Hold for authentication" error message continue to step 4, if printing has been restored you are done.
  4. To the right of the “hold for authentication” message in the print window is a small button that looks like a refresh symbol. Click on it and a username and password box will appear
  5. Enter your new cloud username and password and printing should be restored


On a CCAS PC and the Follow Me printer is installed but will not print.

  1. Connect to the CCAS VPN or a campus ethernet connection and try printing again.

  2. reinstall the printer





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