GW IT has many valuable technology services for students that are very important components of a successful academic and social experience at the university.

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Blackboard at GW is an online course management system based on the Blackboard Learning System. It enables users to access course syllabi, course-related materials, assignments, assessments and communication features provided by instructors. Blackboard at GW is an authenticated system, so GW community members can only gain access to the online content for courses for which they are registered.

To login to Blackboard, use your UserID and corresponding password. Please note that you will be able to log in to Blackboard approximately 24 hours after you first claim your GW Identity.

GW Information Technology Support Center is the first point of contact for Blackboard support. The IT Support Center is available Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 10:00pm by phone at 202-994-4948 and press option 2 or by email at [email protected]. You can also submit a web request support ticket

After hours, weekend and holiday support is also available through Blackboard Learn Support which can be contacted via the same number 202-994-4948 option 2 when the IT Support Center is closed. 


Access Blackboard

Blackboard FAQs
Blackboard Course Management  
Blackboard Workshops


GWireless is a secure wireless network that uses an authentication method that works with a variety of computers, Apple iOS mobile devices and a variety of Android devices. GWireless automatically connects devices to the Internet. Once users are connected, they will not have to log in to the system again. GW community members may log into GWireless using their UserID and corresponding password.

Instructions for Android

Instructions for iOS


eduroam (education roaming) is a secure, worldwide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community, and it allows students from member institutions to connect to the Internet across campus and when visiting other participating institutions using their UserID follwed by "" and corresponding password. For more information and a list of participating U.S. institutions, visit “Where can I eduroam?”.

GWConnect (formerly GWPlay)

GW students living on-campus can now register their Apple TV, Playstation 4s, Roku media players, Amazon Fire Sticks, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Ones to GW's gaming and streaming network, GWConnect. With GWConnect, you’ll be able to wirelessly connect your devices to the GW network. For instructions on how to add your devices for GWConnect, please visit the GW IT Knowledgebase.

GWired provides students living in the residence hall system with a high-speed wired network connection. Students can sign out equipment for their wired internet connections from the IT Support Center by calling 202-994-GWIT (4948) or by visiting the ITSC Walk-Up Support Office. Most residence halls require media converters to use GWired.

Please visit this knowledge article on more information about GWired

GWMail is the University's email system for students and alumni. GWMail features enhanced storage capabilities and access to GWCalendar. You may access GWMail by visiting the myGW Portal, selecting "email" on the left menu and then under "Students" or "Alumni", selecting "Go to GWMail". Log in with your UserID and corresponding password.

Access GWMail

GW uses two-step authentication in conjunction with GW Google apps (email, calendar, drive, etc.)

The GWeb Information System, sometimes referred to as Banner or Banner Self Service, allows online access for GW students, faculty, and staff to many GW services.

Access GWeb

GWid Retrieval Request

The software and business apps listed below are available to all students at the George Washington University. 

Creative Cloud Logo Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud includes Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and more and can be downloaded on your university-owned or personal device.

Note: You must use your email to take advantage of the GW license. Using any other email, like or, will result in you being prompted to set up a free 30 day account that will expire.

Download Adobe Creative Cloud

Webex logo

Webex Unified Client

Webex Unified Client is a collaborative meeting tool that allows for real-time video meetings and sharing of computer content over the web. This client allows you to use your GW office phone number and includes all the features of Jabber, WebEx meetings, and more.

Download Webex Unified Client

Kurzweil 3000 logo Kurzweil 3000

Kurzweil 3000 is an integrated reading, writing and learning tool developed for learners at all levels. Its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability provides users with a great text to speech/screen reader option for accessing materials.

Go to the Kurzweil 3000 website and click on the "Sign in with Microsoft" button.
Use your "" email address and password to login.
Click "Yes" to all the Microsoft permissions and complete the GW authentication process as required.
If you receive an error message, please make sure you are using your ""email address/password. If you are unable to access Kurzweil 3000 using these instructions, contact [email protected]

LinkedIn Learning Icon LinkedIn Learning You can access dozens of regularly updated online courses in design, leadership, multimedia tools and techniques, and common software applications led by recognized industry experts. Access to LinkedIn Learning is available to the GW community at no cost. Access LinkedIn Learning
GitHub Logo GW GitHub

GitHub is a code repository service for Git and version control.

View the Getting Started Article to install the GitHub client and create a GitHub account. 

For more information on GitHub, view the GitHub FAQ Article.

Microssoft 365 Microsoft 365

For detailed instructions about installing Microsoft 365 on Windows or Mac, please vistit:

Microsoft 365 Support

To Download Microsoft 365 Please visit the Microsoft Office Portal and sign in with you UserID and Password

Download 365

sas logo Statistical Analysis System (SAS)

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is a software suite developed for advanced analytics, multivariate analyses, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analytics.

Request SAS

Palo Alto GlobalProtect vpn logo Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The VPN allows remote access to many university systems and resources that are otherwise protected from off-campus access. It does this by creating a "virtual" encrypted channel from your remote location back to GW's network.

The Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client is being replaced with the Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN Client. AnyConnect will be retired on August 8, 2023

Global Protect Instructions for Windows & Mac

Any Connect Instructions for Windows & Mac (Retiring August 8, 2023)

Download VPN

ArcGIS logo Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

ArcGIS Pro is a full-featured professional geographic information system (GIS) desktop application from Esri. With ArcGIS Pro, you can explore, visualize, and analyze data; create 2D maps and 3D scenes; and share work to ArcGIS Online.  ArcGIS Online is a collaborative web-based GIS that allows you to use, create, and share maps, scenes, apps, layers, analytics, and data.  

Both ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online are available to GW students, faculty, and staff on university-owned and personal devices.  For more information, view the How To: Access ArcGIS Online and Install ArcGIS Pro article.

Philo Device Images HBO MAX Go Logo
Access XOC Access HBO GO
With Xfinity On Campus (XOC), GW students living in on-campus housing can watch and record live high-definition TV. You can access Xfinity On Campus from your computer, tablet, smart phone or Roku media players.

Access Max Go

GW students living in on campus housing have access to HBO GO and MAX GO.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Xfinity on Campus, GW students living in on campus housing have access to:

  • Live High-Definition TV
  • DVR capabilities with up to 20 hours of on campus storage
  • Watch your favorite programming anywhere on campus
  • Access Xfinity on Campus on your computer, tablet, smart phone or TV with a Roku (ethernet capable), or connecting your laptop to your TV with an HDMI cable
  • The Xfinity on Campus app is available from the App Store or Google Play


How can I watch?



Access XOC

GW students living in on campus housing have access to HBO GO:

  • Visit
  • Choose Xfinity as your TV provider
  • Click "Xfinity On Campus students Sign in here"
  • In "Xfinity on Campus" dropdown choose "George Washington Univ."
  • Sign in with your UserID and corresponding password
  • Create an HBO GO account
  • You now have access to HBO GO on all of your devices from anywhere

Access HBO GO

GW students living in on campus housing have access to MAX GO:

  • Visit and click on sign in tab
  • Choose Xfinity as your TV provider
  • Click "Xfinity On Campus students Sign in here"
  • In "Xfinity on Campus" dropdown choose "George Washington Univ."
  • Sign in with your UserID and corresponding password
  • Create a MAX GO account
  • You now have access to MAX GO on all of your devices from anywhere
Access MAX GO


Smart TVs, Roku media players and gaming consoles can be connected to the GW network via an ethernet connection through our GWired network. You can also register your Apple TV, Playstation 4s, Roku media players, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Ones to GW's gaming and streaming network, GWConnect. For instructions on how to add your devices for GWConnect, please visit the GW IT Knowledgebase.


Frequently Asked Questions

On Your Computer

Visit, select George Washington University from the list, authenticate with your UserID and password, and click the 'Watch Now' button.


On Your Mobile Device

Download the XFINITY Stream TV mobile app in your app store (Apple or Google Play), click the 'sign-in as a student' link at the bottom of the page and select George Washington University from the list. Then authenticate with your UserID and password and click the 'Watch Now' button.


On Your TV

For the big screen experience, watch Xfinity streaming on your TV with Roku or a laptop connected by HDMI cable.


On Your Roku

1. Connect your Roku to your TV via an HDMI cable

2. Connect your Roku power cord to an outlet

3. Follow the Xfinity instructions for setting up your Roku.

Visit How do I sign in on a Roku?

4. Select the Xfinity Streaming channel to watch TV on your Roku.


In Your Community Lounge

In community lounges, basic cables services will be provided through a TV box and remote control.


Webex, a Colonial Connect service, is available to all GW students, faculty and staff. Webex is a collaborative meeting tool that allows for real-time video meetings and sharing of computer content over the web. Features include multi-point video conferencing and desktop share to meet for a group project, catch up with friends or make a video call home.

Students can host Webex meetings for free using a computer, smart phone or tablet and a headset or speakers to participate in the audio portion of the meeting. Student hosted meetings can support up to 1,000 attendees. Students may attend WebEx meetings hosted by faculty and staff for free; any fees will be charged to the meeting host. Fee-based Webex hosting with long distance or toll-free calling service is not available for students.

Faculty, staff, students and guests of the university may all be invited to and attend Webex meetings on either the faculty and staff domain or the student domain. If you are hosting, simply invite your attendees by email address in the Webex tool. To begin using your Webex account, login to with your UserID and corresponding password.


In May, Webex Meetings users will start receiving prompts to update to the latest version of the Webex Client. For more information, please see "Switching from Webex Meetings Client to the new Webex Client".

Webex Best Practices

Monitoring - Due to circumstances resulting from COVID-19 (coronavirus disease), a historic number of employees are rapidly transitioning to remote work. Webex meetings have never been more vital for staying connected. This is also putting a tremendous strain on regional internet service providers and telephony providers which may result in telephony incidents or service degradation at certain peak times.

Here are a few tips to get the best meeting experience in any situation:

  • Disconnect from your VPN: GW provides a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service that allows you to access the University network while working remotely. You can use Webex Meetings outside of VPN for the best experience.
  • Choose audio over video: Webex will suggest or automatically lower your resolution and may eventually turn off your video to adapt to your network quality. You can choose to do this yourself at any time. Learn more about improving your experience by eliminating video here.
  • Build in breaks: You can get a faster join experience by joining 5 minutes early or, better yet, schedule meetings on the 15th or 45th minute of the hour.
  • Switch to call-in audio: If your internet audio and video experience or call me/call back does not work, you can keep collaborating. Call in using the dial-in numbers in your meeting invitation to join via your cell phone or landline. If the primary phone number that is provided is temporarily unavailable, the invitation includes a long list of other global call-in numbers you can try. Learn more about opting for call-in audio here.
  • Hosting a meeting: Although Personal Meeting Rooms (PMR) are convenient, they do so at the expense of having a more secure access path to the room unless specifically addressed by the user. Learn more about scenarios and features that can be used by hosts to secure meeting rooms.

Other Helpful Links for Webex

Best Practices Guide

Getting Started with Webex

Webex Troubleshooting 

Webex Video Overview

Installing Webex Application

Installing Webex Mobile App

Show or Hide Automated Closed Captions During a Webex Meeting or Webinar