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    • Log in with your UserID and password to enable data and privacy features.
    • GW faculty and staff who are also students cannot access Copilot due to their student Microsoft license. However, Microsoft will be releasing this tool to student accounts later this spring. Check back here for further announcements. 
    • The Copilot mobile app is not available to .edu accounts. Access Copilot on mobile with the iOS Bing app, or Edge browser app.



Microsoft Copilot (formerly known as Bing Chat) is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered chat assistant designed to enhance productivity, creativity, and data accessibility. It can answer both simple and complex queries, assist with research, and provide summaries of various content such as articles, books, or events. It can also offer product comparisons, find comprehensive answers, provide inspiration, generate images, and much more.  

Please ensure you are logged into Microsoft Copilot with your UserID and password to enable data security and privacy features. GW IT does not monitor or have access to your Microsoft Copilot sessions. Microsoft will not use your data to train artificial intelligence models or retain chat history when signed in with your GW identity. However, it is still important to take the following precautionary steps to protect your data:

  • Login with your GW identity for data security and privacy 
  • Avoid sharing sensitive information and limit your queries to GW’s public data classification level
  • Check the Copilot responses for errors, accuracy, and verify any factual information

Since Copilot and other AI-powered services are rapidly evolving, always exercise caution when utilizing such services.  Microsoft Copilot responses are limited to data from the public web in the Bing search index only and Copilot does not have access to internal university resources or content such as emails, calendar, network drives, etc. GW licensing does not include Copilot for other Microsoft offerings (i.e. Microsoft 365, Word, Excel, Teams, etc). Copilot in Windows, which integrates Copilot into the Windows operating system, is not available on university-managed computers. 






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  • Faculty and staff
  • Coming soon for students


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