IT Initiatives
IT Initiatives

IT Initiatives

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Moving Banner to the Cloud

We are excited to announce GW is modernizing its student information system and human resource system by implementing Ellucian’s Banner Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. This will lead to significant improvements in efficiency and the faculty/staff/student experience.

Banner Modernization

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New myGW Available 

The myGW webpage and mobile app have been redesigned to centralize access to the university’s online services. Along with a fresh look, the new myGW includes customization features that make it easier to find the GW resources that matter to you. 

Access the new myGW by visiting Both sites will be available until the end of the semester.

myGW Updates

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Tableau is moving to the cloud

Tableau | GW Insight, one of the Business Intelligence reporting tools, is moving to the Cloud! Active dashboards are being gradually migrated to Tableau Cloud, Tableau's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. 

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Upgrade your Phone

GW IT is streamlining phone and voice services to provide a seamless experience, contribute to campus sustainability efforts, and drive efficiency by reducing physical phones. 

  • Access your GW phone number from anywhere using a software based phone (soft phone).  

Ready to upgrade?

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EAS Will Soon Use SSO Authentication

On May 25, 2024 GW IT will be integrating the Enterprise Accounting System (EAS) with GW Single Sign On (SSO) for authentication. This initiative will make access easier for new users, reduce GW’s cybersecurity risk, and prevent the need for additional login credentials for many EAS users. This change only affects how you log in to EAS, no other changes to the system are being made. Please report issues or provide feedback to GW IT.

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Microsoft Copilot

Copilot (formerly Bing Chat Enterprise) is now available to GW faculty and staff. Microsoft’s Copilot is a chatbot powered by generative AI, and can be used to find information, research a topic and generate content. GW provides access to Copilot with Data Protection, which offers enhanced security. Copilot data is not saved or shared with Microsoft, and data is not used to train artificial intelligence (AI) models.

Learn more about Copilot

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Alumni Account & Google Storage 

Google has recently changed its policy for the Google Workspace applications (e.g. Google Drive) to limit storage usage for higher education institutions. In keeping with best practices in higher education to manage storage and to address security concerns, GW will no longer provide Google Drive or Google Calendar to alumni. Your Google email account will continue to be available to you, but it will now have a storage limit of 5GB. In preparation for this transition, we are asking that you backup any Google Drive, Calendar data and any email attachments that you wish to retain before January 31, 2024.

GW IT is also increasing security requirements for all GW accounts. Accounts must have a successful web login annually to remain active. Checking your GW email using a third party email application, like Outlook or Google Mobile App, and forwarding your GW email to another email account does not count as an active login.

Alumni Account & Google Storage FAQ

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IT Website Redesign

The IT website has been redesigned. The new design is the first step in improving navigation and making it easier to find resources and support.  In the redesign, we consolidated and into, making it more convenient to access related services. We have plans to expand the resources and service offerings in the future. As we evolve, your feedback is invaluable. Please fill out our survey

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Network Upgrades

This Summer GW IT will complete the first full 5 year lifecycle of its network strategic plan. This strategic approach allows us to stay updated with network technology advancements, manage costs, and ensure timely hardware replacement to minimize risk or unplanned interruptions.

Campus Network Upgrades


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