Web Conferencing Comparison

This chart compares the functions of the web conferencing tools available to the GW community. 

Web Conferencing Storage Guidelines


Blackboard Collaborate



MS Teams

Google Meet

Quick Links to Launch Software

Blackboard Collaborate



MS Teams

Google Meet

Common Use Cases


Teaching Sessions, Share Lectures, Classroom Breakout Sessions

Team meetings, Live Events for internal and external contacts, and other Many-to-Many needs, unified external/internal phone client

Teaching Sessions, Team meetings, Live Events and other Many-to-Many needs

Team meetings, Team chat, Casual Audio-Video Chat

Casual Audio-Video Chat

Calling Internally to University


Calling Outside University


Teaching Sessions


Training or teaching with break-out sessions


Training or teaching with in-session polling, quizzes, exercises, or tests


Casual, on-the-fly Instant Messaging


Casual, on-the-fly audio chat


Casual, on-the-fly video chat


Scheduled Meetings


Meeting where all participants might need to speak


Invite guests lectures who do not have a GW account


Meeting or discussion where one or more participants needs (or prefers) to attend by phone


Webinars or Events requiring registration


Key Benefits

  • Included in the Blackboard classroom environment
  • Students must be enrolled in class in order to attend
  • Attendance tracking can be done automatically and saved in Grade Center
  • Different Types: Meeting, Training, and Event
  • Mobile and Desktop Applications
  • More participants available with base account
  • Unified phone client that integrates existing internal and external phone services 
  • Fully integrated with existing enterprise voice infrastructure
  • Different Types: Meeting and Webinar
  • Mobile and Desktop applications
  • Included in the Blackboard classroom environment
  • Intuitive to use
  • Different Types: Meeting, Training
  • Mobile and Desktop applications
  • Attendance reports and class insights show how students engage with the class
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft 365 platform
  • Integrated with Google Suite
  • Easy tool for casual interactions

Available to


Anyone who is teaching or enrolled to take a course in Blackboard

Staff, Faculty, Student, Wage, Affiliate

Staff, Faculty, Student (Wage and Affiliate in Zoom Grouper Group with Approval)

Staff, Faculty, Student, Wage, Affiliates

Staff, Faculty, Student, Wage, Alumni, Affiliates, Organizations


Google Calendar Scheduling Add-on          
Dial-in (toll number) option          


Max. # of participants with base account

250 Regular Scale Session / 500 Large Scale

1000 Meetings / 3000 Live Events (max 2 concurrent at 3000, 1000 otherwise)


300 Users in a Meeting / 20 Users in Private Chat


Number of participants viewable on screen per page






Max. # of participants, add-on (available upon request)


3000 two concurrent Licenses, 1000 otherwise.

500 webinar/1000 webinar (requires a license request)



Key Features

Record Session


Automatic Transcriptions of Record Session




Share File


Share Screen


Share iPhone or iPad Screen






Breakout Groups






Available in Events only


Real Time Closed Captions


Available upon request


Blur Video Background / Virtual Background


Live Captioning

Available upon request DSS

Available upon request

Available upon request


Personal Room


Desktop Application option


Mobile Application option


Lobby / Waiting Room


Meeting can be locked

Only course members can join a session unless professor gives a guest link to an outside person





24 hours / 7 days a week

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