Colonial Connect Desktop Phone Training

Standard Colonial Connect phone units provide video functionality in addition to traditional phone features such as dial in/dial out, hold, forward, transfer and voice mail.  Colonial Connect also includes powerful voice mail functionality as well as an integrated directory, eight-person ad-hoc conferencing, and extension mobility.  This training will show you how to use and leverage these features.

Online Training Videos

The link below provide online training and resources for Colonial Connect Phones. These materials are available 24/7.

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Jabber Training

Jabber is a software client that integrates chat, calling and video capabilities into one easy-to-use application. This training will show you how to make and receive calls, check voicemail, group chat with others and easily see who is online. The training will also show you how to share any installed webcams and your desktop with someone else.

Online Training Videos

The links below provide online training and resources for Jabber. These materials are available 24/7.

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Password Resets

The Division of Information Technology provides Google-based email and calendar services for GW students, faculty, staff and alumni.
The GWeb Information System, sometimes referred to as Banner or Banner Self Service, allows online access to GW student, faculty and staff services. 
A GWid is an alphanumeric value used to identify an individual’s records within GW’s administrative systems. Your GWid is the letter "G" followed by an 8-digit number. Please review the GWid retrieval and terms of use information before requesting to retrieve your GWid.

WebEx Training

WebEx is a powerful conferencing and collaboration tool that allows you to share your desktop, participate in multi-point video conferencing. This training will focus on leveraging WebEx Meeting Center for day-to-day conferencing. If you are interested in using WebEx for large-group sessions or academic use, please contact [email protected]Information on how to get a WebEx account can be found at for faculty and staff or for students. 

Online Training Videos

The links below provide online training and resources for WebEx. These materials are available 24/7.

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The training platform, (, provides dozens of regularly updated online courses in design, leadership, multimedia tools and techniques, and common software applications led by recognized industry experts. Access to is available to the GW students, staff and faculty at no cost. Already a member? Learn how to merge your personal account profile with your GW account.


Log in with your GW NetID (the part of your GW email address before the "@") and corresponding password. 

[email protected]


[email protected] offers GW community members access to a wide range of job-readiness online courses. This online learning system allows staff and faculty to access online training, register for in-person training and use other professional development materials like guides and videos. [email protected] replaces SkillPort, and offerings will be available within the system.

Access [email protected]

Center for Internet Security

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) offers a security benchmark program to provide well-defined, unbiased and consensus-based industry best practices to help organizations assess and improve security. The GW Community has access to these services to help adopt security practices when designing and managing university resources.

The CIS Benchmark Program provides resources on secure configuration benchmarks, automated configuration assessment tools and content, security metrics and security software product certifications. 

To learn more about membership benefits and how to register for an account, please review the Center for Internet Security solution in the GWiz Knowledge Base. 



IT Security Awareness Sessions

GW Division of IT offers security awareness sessions via in-person presentations and remotely broadcast webinars. Information about our scheduled monthly sessions is available on the university calendar and is distributed through GW Infomail. 

For your convenience , presentations from the sessions hosted in the past are available below. If you have any questions related to them or would like GW Division of IT's Information Security and Compliance Services to conduct an in-person awareness session for your class or department, please email us at [email protected]

Ransomware - what is it, how to avoid it and how to protect your data

Protect your information to protect your privacy [RECORDING]

Cyber Hygiene - Good computer security practices you should know about (To request the link to the recording, please email [email protected])

Ways of the hack [RECORDING]

To email, or not to email [RECORDING]

Phishing – A Story That Needs To Be Shared [RECORDING]

Information Security in 2015 - What to Expect

The 'U' in security

Data Security and Compliance—What You Need to Know

2014—The Year So Far in Cyber Security

Compliance and Risk Management - A University Perspective

Introduction to Google Drive Security and Smart Sharing Practices

Infosec 101 - 5 Things You Should Learn to Protect Your Data and Privacy

Target Data Breach - Cost of the Learning Curve

Strong [email protected]$$w0rd$—Do You Really Need Them?

Research Educational Forum - Data Use Agreements

Geek Speak Translated: Understanding Infosec and IT Support Terminologies

The "Convenient" Information Security 

Data, Data Everywhere - What Are You Doing to Protect Yourself ?

Protecting Your Data in 'The Cloud'

How to Create Strong Passwords that You Don't Need to Memorize

Something Phishy: Identifying and Dealing with Phishing E-mails


SANS Securing the Human Training

SANS Securing the Human training: These modules are offered through a collaboration with SANS, which is one of the largest sources for information technology security training in the world. The modules are self-paced and available to anyone within the GW community, especially those who handle sensitive data or are involved in research at the university. To request a login for this training, please send an email to [email protected].

The U in Security Video Tutorial

The U in Security: A video tutorial presentation on how to keep your data secure when accessing GW systems. 

Blackboard Training

Blackboard at GW is an online course management system based on the Blackboard Learning System. It enables users to access course syllabi, course-related materials, assignments, assessments and communication features provided by instructors. Training on Blackboard is provided by the Instructional Technology Lab from Academic Technologies

Blackboard Course Management  

Blackboard Workshops

Blackboard Collaborate FAQs