Which document management service is right for me?

GW Information Technology offers GW faculty and staff several document management solutions. The best choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.  Below is an explanation of the different types of data as well as a chart to help determine the best document management solution for your specific needs.



Regulated Data


  • Protected Health Information (PHI)

  • Student academic and financial records

  • Research data protected by statute or regulation

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)


Restricted Data


  • Course information and class schedules

  • Internal directory information

  • HR data

  • Payroll and salary information

  • Performance appraisals


Public Data


  • Announcements and press releases

  • Public event information

  • Public directories and maps 

Decision Chart for Correct Document Management

Check-Icon - Recommended          

x-icon - NOT ALLOWED per GW Policy (or not applicable)

I Need to . . . GW Box Google Drive

GW SharePoint

(Team Sites)

GW Documents


Securely store my work data and files        

Regulated Documents

Check-Icon x-icon x-icon Check-Icon

Restricted Documents

Check-Icon Check-Icon Check-Icon Check-Icon

Public Documents

Check-Icon Check-Icon Check-Icon x-icon

Collaborate on Files and Documents -

Share and edit documents


Regulated Documents

Check-Icon x-icon x-icon x-icon

Restricted Documents

Check-Icon Check-Icon Check-Icon x-icon

Public Documents

Check-Icon Check-Icon Check-Icon x-icon
Share Public Documents with External Users Check-Icon Check-Icon x-icon x-icon
Search Files and Documents        

Search text (Titles/Body)

Check-Icon x-icon Check-Icon Check-Icon

Search using Metadata and Tagging

Check-Icon x-icon Check-Icon Check-Icon
Archive Official University Records*        

Data and files with official retention requirements based on GW Policy

x-icon x-icon x-icon Check-Icon
Create/Edit Workflows and Business Process Automation        

Workflows aimed at collecting regulated data must be evaluated and approved by GW IT Information Security, prior to Go Live. 

x-icon x-icon Check-Icon x-icon
GW Scan Capability        

Ability to scan paper documents

x-icon x-icon x-icon Check-Icon

OCR (Text Searchable Documents)

x-icon x-icon x-icon Check-Icon
File Size Limits        

for sharing

5GB 10GB 10GB 2GB

for storage

15GB 5TB 15GB 2GB
Total Storage Available Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

* See the GW University Records Management Policy (PDF)


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