GW Box

GW Box is the university's enterprise file sharing service for online cloud storage and collaboration and is free for GW students, faculty and staff. Please adhere to the university's Acceptable Use for Computing Systems and Services when using GW Box. 

GW Box Login

With GW Box, You Can:

  • Access your files and folders from all major web browsers and through mobile devices
  • Sync GW Box to your desktop to automatically save files as you work on them
  • Store regulated, restricted and public university data on GW Box
  • Share files and folders with others, while controlling access with a range of permissions from preview-only to full editing and collaboration rights


Share Files in GW Box

Collaborate in GW Box

Security Best Practices

GW Box Access

In order to access GW Box, you will need to set up two-step authentication. Two-step authentication is a method of securing access to online information with two pieces of information, for example your password plus a one-time code sent to your phone. GW IT will use Microsoft two-step authentication to ask individuals for a second confirmation of their identity at login, using a physical device in their possession. The device may be a smartphone or tablet using an app, a text message to a phone, or an automated voice call to landline or cell phone.

How to set up Two-Step Authentication  Two-Step Authentication FAQs

Group and Personal File Shares

  • GW Box may replace the current Windows File Share service (your H:/ and G:/ drives) for GW faculty and staff, depending on your IT service provider. 
  • You can start by identifying which files will need to be migrated to GW Box. Delete the files you no longer need. If you’re not sure if you can delete something, refer to the Records Management Policy.
  • Faculty and staff within academic areas and schools will be contacted by their IT Director or LSP with more information on a group file share transition to GW Box.
  • If you currently work within a division or department and have a group file share in Windows File Share (G:/ drive), please submit a request to GW IT to migrate your data to a group file share on GW Box.