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This Word Learning Path supports GW faculty, staff, and students who use Microsoft Word and guides you how to use it within Microsoft 365. Follow this learning path in the order of the modules or choose topics to review.


Get to Know Word
Word provides document creation and editing tools through an application installed on a computer or an internet browser through Word Online. Get acquainted with basic features of Word in each of the available platforms. 

What is Word?  (video, 1m 05s) 

Compare Word Features on Different Platforms  (documentation) 

Web: What's New in Word Online (video, 2m 10s) 

PC/Mac: What’s New in Microsoft 365? (documentation) 

Word provides a powerful set of tools and functionality for document creation. Get acquainted with Word’s document creation and visual element features. You can also explore how to optimize your documents for accessibility.  

Create a Basic Word Document
For an overview of creating documents in Word, choose to review a text-based Quick Start Guide or view a more comprehensive video course from LinkedIn Learning. 

NOTE: To get assistance logging into GW’s LinkedIn Learning contact the IT Support Center at [email protected]

PC/Mac:  Word Quick Start Guide (documentation) 

Web:  Word Online Quick Start  (documentation) 

PC: Word Essential Training (Microsoft 365) (video, 2h 36m) 

Mac: Word for Mac Essential Training (Microsoft 365) (video, 2h 9m) 

Web: Learning Word Online (Microsoft 365) (video, 1h 2m) 


Add Visual Interest to Your Word Documents 

PC/Web:  Insert Pictures (documentation) 

PC:  Insert Items in a Word Document (documentation) 

Mac:  Insert Pictures in Microsoft for Mac  (documentation) 


Create Visual Effects 
Choose to create SmartArt, which makes data easier to view and interpret. 

PC: Create a SmartArt Graphic  (documentation) 

Mac: Create a SmartArt Graphic (documentation) 

PC/Mac: Get Creative with 3D models (documentation) 

Web: Create a SmartArt Graphic (documentation) 


Optimize Your Word Documents for Accessibility 
An online document or tool is accessible when it can be easily understood by everyone, regardless of what browser or adaptive equipment he or she is using. 

PC/Web: What’s New in Accessibility for Word (documentation) 

PC/Mac/Web: Make Your Word Documents Accessible (documentation)  

PC/Mac/Web: Improve Accessibility with the Accessibility Checker (documentation) 
Use this resource if you intend to share a Word document. 


Ensuring your Word Documents Meet GW Accessibility Guidelines 

Accessibility at GW - Microsoft Documents 

Explore How Others Use Word and OneDrive Together
View the video to see an example of how others use Word and OneDrive in their office.

Create a File and Save It to OneDrive for Business (video, 1m 06s)


GW Information Storage Guidance
Prior to storing data in OneDrive, please refer to the GW’s Information Storage Guide. If you have questions on data categorization and security, contact the IT Support Center at [email protected].


Save a Document to OneDrive

PC: Save Documents Online (documentation)

PC: Fetch Files on Your PC (documentation)

Mac:  Save Documents Online in Word for Mac (documentation)

Web: Download a Copy of a Word Online Document to My Computer (documentation)

Microsoft 365 allows you to share Word documents for others to view as well as to collaborate on common documents. Get acquainted with some options for sharing and collaborating with others on documents.

Explore How Others use OneDrive to Share Word Documents
View the video to see how one group uses Word and OneDrive to share a file.

Share the File and Folders (video with text-based instructions, 1m 42s)


Share Word Documents with Others
Use these resources to learn how to share documents in OneDrive via link and email attachment.

PC/Mac/Web: Share a Document (documentation)

PC/Mac/Mobile: See Files Others Have Shared with You (documentation)

Mac:  Share Your File in Word for Mac (documentation)

Web:  Share a Word Online Document Using OneDrive (documentation)


Explore How Others Collaborate and Co-Author Word Documents
View the videos to see how one group uses Word to co-author a document on a desktop or smartphone.

PC/Mac/Web: Collaborate on Word Documents with Real-Time Co-Authoring (documentation)

Share and Collaborate on Files in Office for Android (documentation)

Microsoft Word in the App Store (iOS) This link takes you to the Microsoft Word application for iOS in the App Store.

Web: Collaborate Online with Word (video with text-based instructions, 1m 8s)

GW Information Storage Guidance
Prior to storing data in OneDrive, please refer to the GW’s Information Storage Guide. If you have questions on data categorization and security, contact the IT Support Center at [email protected].