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Phone & voice services combine chat, voice, video, and web conferencing features into an easy-to-use toolkit with a common directory. Services also include apps for a wide array of mobile devices, allowing users to collaborate from anywhere in real-time.

Desktop Phone

Phone features include the ability to place calls on hold, call waiting, ad-hoc conferencing, phone directory, transfer capabilities, call history, voicemail, video calls and extension mobility. The standard video desktop phones (models 8845 and 8945) offer video capability as an added feature. Extension mobility allows users to configure any Standard Video or Multi-Line phone as their own, on a temporary basis, by logging into that phone. Once a user logs in, the phone adopts the individual user’s default device profile information, including line numbers, speed dials, service links and other user-specific properties of a phone. Basic, Multi-Line and Conference phone options are also available. 

Soft Phone

A soft phone, short for “software telephone,” is a software-based application that allows users to make voice and video calls over the internet using a computer, or mobile device. 

The Webex desktop client provides the ability to use your computer or mobile device as a phone. A GW phone number is required to use a soft phone.  

Mobile (Single Number Reach)

With this feature, your office extension will ring on your mobile device, allowing you to answer a call on the device of your choice. You set this feature up using your UserID and corresponding password. A convenient option is to have your phone or Webex line ring to your local cell phone number.



Desktop Phone

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