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Share and Collaborate with OneDrive for Business
If you choose to share and collaborate using OneDrive for Business, this module will get you started. Explore how to store your files, use an expiring link, and how to collaborate with others. Please note that OneDrive for Business is separate from OneDrive (personal) that may be used for personal file storage.

OneDrive is the intelligent files app for Microsoft 365 connecting you to all your files so you can share and work together while protecting your work.

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What is OneDrive for Business and Storing Files in the Cloud

What is OneDrive for Business? (video, 1m 19s)

Why Store Files in the Cloud? (documentation)


Access OneDrive for Business
You can access the online version of OneDrive for Business through any web browser or install as a desktop app to sync with your computer. 

Download or Access Through Your GW Microsoft 365 account

Use OneDrive with Desktop Office (video, 4m 3s)

Mac: Sync Files with OneDrive on Mac (documentation) 


Accessibility Features, Navigation, and Keyboard Shortcuts
Basic features and navigation

Accessibility Support for OneDrive (documentation) 

OneDrive Basics (documentation) 

Accessibility options and keyboard shortcuts
An online document or tool is accessible when it can be easily understood by everyone, regardless of what browser or adaptive equipment he or she is using.

Sign in, Access and Navigate OneDrive (video, 3m, 59s)

Keyboard shortcuts for OneDrive for Business (documentation) 


Ensuring Your Files Meet GW Accessibility Guidelines

Accessibility at GW - Microsoft 365 Documents

Before you can share and collaborate, you need to add files to OneDrive for Business or access files that have been shared with you. You can also manage your own files or create folders for organization.

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Add Your Files to OneDrive for Business

Upload Files via the Web (video, 2m, 49s)

Upload Files via the OneDrive Client App (video, 2m, 42s)


Access Files Others Have Shared with You

See Files Shared with You in OneDrive (documentation)


Manage and Organize Files

Rename, Copy, Download, and Delete Files (video, 2m, 27s)

Organize Files and Folders (4m 6s) 


Once files are added to OneDrive for Business, you need to decide how you want people to access them. After you choose permissions and share your file, you can collaborate on Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) documents (.docx,.xlsx,.pptx) at the same time or different times as others using the familiar Office apps.

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Ways to Share Your File
Decide if you want others to only view your file or if you want them to be able to make changes. Then choose if you want to share via link or invitation.

Share OneDrive Files and Folders (documentation)

Share Files and Use an Expiring Link (video, 3m 46s)


Collaborate on Shared Files
If you were given permission to edit someone else’s file, you have the following options:

  • To edit at the same time or at different times than others.
  • To edit at the same time, open the file in the corresponding Office Online app.
  • To edit at different times, open the file in the corresponding Office Desktop app.

Work Simultaneously with a Coworker (video, 2m 24s)