GWeb Information System: Faculty & Staff

The GWeb Information System, sometimes referred to as Banner or Banner Self Service, allows online access to GW faculty and staff services, such as viewing tax or job information and paystubs.  Faculty and staff are assigned a GWeb account and pin as part of the Human Resources hiring and intake process.

To log into GWeb, you must use your GWid, which is an alphanumeric value used to identify an individual’s records within GW’s administrative systems. Your GWid is the letter G followed by an 8-digit number. You must also use a PIN, which is usually a 6-digit number, to log in to the GWeb Information System. If you have forgotten your GWid, you may submit a GWid retrieval request.

GWid Retrieval Request


How to login to the GWeb Information System

GWeb At A Glance


Students, faculty, staff and alumni


You must have a GWid and know your 6-digit PIN


How to login to the GWeb Information System


Contact the IT Support Center at [email protected]