CCAS Cloud

The Columbian College Private Cloud (CCAS Cloud) provides secure access for faculty, students, and staff to CCAS resources.  

CCAS Cloud Account

All Columbian College faculty and staff are entitled to a CCAS Cloud Account.  This account is required to access all Columbian Cloud resources.  Students registered in a CCAS course may be entitled to a CCAS Cloud account.  This credential is different than your GW user name and password, and requires a seperate setup.

Accounts can be automatically created when added to certain CCAS groups or requested via support. Once an account is created an email is sent to the user with instructions on how to set up your CCAS Cloud Account. The email invitation is only good for 30 days, if your invitation is expired you will need to submit a support request.  CCAS Cloud Account passwords expire anually. If you used our account for a previous class and have not logged in for some time, you may need to reset your CCAS Cloud account password.  You can also submit an incident to reset your CCAS Cloud account password or submit an incident if your account set up link is expired.

CCAS Cloud Accounts include storage and provide access to Virtual Desktop, Cloud Courses and Classroom Technology.

Access CCAS Cloud

GW IT Managed Computers on-campus with a wired network connection, may be configured for direct access to Cloud resources such as network drives and network printers.  On a PC, your Cloud network drives will appear in My Computer.  On a Mac, your Cloud network drives will appear on your desktop.  Based on your home department, network printers are configured automatically.  Wireless access from GWireless are considered "off-campus" for security reasons.  If you are experiencing issues, contact GW IT Support.

The primary method of accessing Cloud resources from off-campus locations (and on-campus GWireless wireless network) is via the Columbian Cloud Portal. Based on Citrix technologies, the portal provides a one-stop shop for accessing virtual applications and desktops in a secure and universal manner. When accessing applications and desktops from this portal, the sessions are running inside the GW Data Center and only encrypted screenshots and keystrokes are passed between your device and the server. When storing data on your Cloud drive, the data remains inside the data center and is accessed directly by the virtual applications and/or desktops.  The Columbian Cloud Portal supports connections from Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices using the Citrix Receiver.  The Citrix Receiver will allow access to local printers and storage within your virtual session.

As a secondary means for remote access, when using a CCAS-managed Cloud workstation, you may directly mount network shared drives on your Mac or PC after connecting to the CCAS Virtual Private Network (VPN).  This method will mount your Cloud drives in My Computer (PC) or on your desktop (Mac).  This method is useful for large file transfers between your workstation's local storage and your Cloud drive.  The performance of this connection will be limited based on your Internet connectivity.


Visit the Columbian Cloud Frequently Asked Questions webpage for additional information.