The Division of Information Technology provides the George Washington University with the ability to effectively create, consume and distribute information with minimal risk to confidentiality, integrity, availability and regulatory compliance.

Protect Confidential Data
Learn how to best secure your data, adhere to compliance and university policies and encrypt, backup and recover your information.

Secure Your Computer/Devices
Learn how to choose strong passwords, physically secure your devices and implement strong firewalls and antivirus programs.

Guard Your Privacy
Learn how to protect yourself against identity theft, get information about social engineering and search engines, protect yourself while traveling and telecommuting, safely use wireless networks, learn how to obtain credit reports and use helpful security tools.

Security Services
Obtain useful services, such as incident management, vulnerability and compliance assessments, advisories and training, security news and events, encryption and software recommendations.

Security Blog
Learn more by following the Division of IT's security news and updates.