Wireless Internet Access for Faculty and Staff


GWireless is a secure wireless network that uses an authentication method that works with a variety of computers, Apple iOS mobile devices and a variety of Android devices. GWireless automatically connects devices to the Internet, and once users are connected, they will not have to log in to the system again. GW community members may log in to GWireless using their GW NetIDs (your GW NetID is the part of your GW email address before the “@” symbol) and the passwords that correspond to their NetIDs. For instructions on how to configure your devices for the GWireless Network please visit the GWiz Knowledgebase and search for keyword "GWireless"



eduroam (education roaming) is a secure, worldwide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community, and it allows students, faculty and staff from participating institutions to connect to the Internet across campus and when visiting other participating institutions using their full GW email address ([email protected]) and password that corresponds to their GW email address. Additionally, visitors to GW’s campuses who come from member organizations can connect to a secure wireless network using their university login credentials. For more information and a list of participating U.S. institutions, visit “Where can I eduroam?”. 

Wireless Internet At A Glance


Students, faculty, staff and visitors


Access GWireless with your GW NetID and password. Access eduroam with your GW email address and corresponding NetID password. If you are a visitor looking for wireless Internet access, connect with GWconnect


How to connect to GWireless on iPhone and iPad
How to connect to GWireless on Android devices and Chromebooks
How to connect to GWireless on a Mac or PC
How to connect to eduroam


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