When am I eligible to claim a Net ID?


You become eligible for a GW NetID once the GWeb Information system indicates that you have officially accepted an offer of admission to GW (up to two terms ahead of your entry term). If you have been offered admission but have not officially accepted the offer, you are not yet eligible.


You become eligible for a NetID as a faculty member once your appointment is in the GWeb Information system. Eligibility may begin up to one year ahead of the start date of the appointment (though appointments are rarely in the system that early). Your appointment, whether paid or unpaid, must be in the GWeb Information system in order to confer NetID eligibility. 


You become eligible for a NetID as a staff member on the day you start your GW position (your employment information must be in the GWeb Information system, so if your hire paperwork is submitted late, it may delay the start of your account eligibility).


You become eligible for a NetID on the day that your affiliation with GW begins. 


As soon as your GW degree is officially awarded, you are eligible for a NetID as an alum. You may view your degree status in GWeb Information System