Warning: Fake Calendar Invites and Fake Transcript Email Scams at GW

August 27, 2019

There have been reports of members of the GW faculty receiving fake calendar notices arriving from other faculty members claiming that the Teaching Day event was cancelled. Faculty and staff should verify the sender of the invite and be wary of any links present in the invite. Because anyone can send emails to the greater GW community, extra caution should be taken as Google will automatically add event information to a user's calendar to be helpful. If faculty and staff see anything suspicious, they should report it as soon as they can to [email protected].


If you receive an email from an address that you think is impersonating a GW staff member, do not respond and report the incident to [email protected].

Fake Transcript Email:

There have also been reports where the sender is using OneDrive to send a link to a Transcript and claiming that the IT Department has shared it with them. Additionally, the message in the email claims that Forrest Maltzman is asking them to check the transcript per the below example. GW faculty and staff should ignore such requests for information gathering and report any suspicious emails to [email protected].


Scam Email Example





Be wary of messages requesting account verification, confirmation or upgrade, payment or personal information such as your passwords, GWID, Social Security number or credit card information. The university is frequently targeted by malicious actors who will attempt to acquire personal information about you and other members of the university community through email and over the phone. Please be aware that these attempts often seem legitimate. Ask questions, trust your instincts, and if things seem off don’t be afraid to take a message and follow-up later. Attackers will frequently use a sense of urgency to elicit the victim into making a risky decision. 


If you receive any phishing attempts in the future, do not reply to it, open any attachments or click on any links. Please forward the email to [email protected]