Voice Mail: Faculty and Staff

The Division of IT offers voicemail services through our modular messaging voice mail system. The access number for Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon Campus voice mail system is 202-994-2000, and the access number for the Virginia Science and Technology Campus is 703-726-4000.  

In addition, voicemail service is available through Colonial Connect, a state-of-the-art unified communications system. 

Colonial Connect Voicemail to Phone: Colonial Connect Voicemail indicates a new message by a solid red light on your handset, a stutter dial tone on the line and a voicemail icon next to the line button with message count in the display. In order to access messages, press the voicemail button, or dial 4-4000 for Foggy Bottom users and 3-4000 for Virginia Science and Technology Campus users. 

Colonial Connect Voicemail to Email: Colonial Connect Voicemail sends received voicemails directly to your email address. You can then listen to your voicemail directly from your email inbox. 


Voice Mail At A Glance


Faculty and staff


You must be employed by the George Washington University 


Change your voice mail password
Colonial Connect Voice Mail Quick Reference Guide


Contact the IT Support Center at [email protected]