Updates to SkillPort

What's New in Skillport 8i

New Visual Design

The new visual design in Skillport 8i includes:

  • A restyled user interface to better support an optimal online experience
  • An updated color palette and fonts on all Skillport pages

Improvements to the Home Page include the following:

  • Navigation: Site navigation at the top of each page has been simplified to make it easier to access information. Learning Plan, Library, and Community (if enabled) icons in the header enable you to access these features with one click. You can also navigate to the Home page from anywhere in Skillport by clicking the site logo.
  • Search and Content Languages: Search is now more prominently displayed in the header, along with the content language selection. Changing the content language here also updates the primary content language setting in your profile. Your content language selection now persists across Skillport sessions.
  • Content language determines the language of the content you will browse or search for. For more information, see Change the Default Library Content Language.

Profile Information: A new drop-down in the upper-right hand corner provides access to your account information, including your profile, My Tasks, Community Profile, and Learning Transcript. This is also where you log out of Skillport.

Visible Content: Quick Links, Featured Topics, Upcoming Events, and your My Tasks list display on the left side of the Home page and are visible by default. Recently Viewed, Featured Content, and the Recommended for You carousel (if enabled on your site) display prominently in the main pane of the Home page.

Recommend Icon: If Community is enabled on your site, the Recommend icon displays for content items. The number of learners who have recommended the content item displays to the right of the icon. If you are a member of the community, you can click the icon to recommend the content item or select the number of recommendations to see who recommended the content item.

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