Templates and Tools

The templates and tools included below have been developed as part of PMLC for use on any GW project or initiative. Each downloadable template includes the appropriate sections along with instructions of what information to include. Due to the unique nature of each project, the ways in which these templates are used will vary from project to project.

Concept/Idea Phase

Project Request Form/Idea Summary Template: Used to document preliminary information about the proposed idea/request for review by senior management

Business Requirements Document Template: Details the business requirements in a manner sufficient to support the design and development of the proposed product/solution

Proposal Phase

Project Proposal and Charter Template: Used to authorize the project, define high-level scope/objectives, list major assumptions/constraints and establish key roles/resources for the project

Project Definition Document Template: Used to establish the overall plan for the project, provide reference subsidiary plans and establish clear roles and responsibilities of the project team

Planning/Analysis/Design Phase

Sample Project Communications Plan and Guidelines: Defines the plan for communications internal and external to the project

Development Phase

Test Plan and Procedures Template: Describes the methodology and coordination that will be executed for testing such that the solution can be adequately tested against the stated business requirements

Deployment Plan Template: Describes the steps and precautions that will be taken to deploy the product/solution to the intended stakeholders

Testing and Readiness Phase

Requirements Traceability Matrix and Test Results Tracking Document Template: Used to demonstrate and track the correlation between business requirements and associated testing

Cutover Post-Go-Live Phase

Project Transition Document Template: Serves as the final project acceptance document and documents how services produced by the project will be transitioned to the operational support organization

Lessons Learned - Facilitator Questions Template: Used to facilitate a lessons learned session

Closing Phase

Lessons Learned Final Report Template: Used to document the lessons learned input and final conclusions

Monitoring and Controlling Phase