Security Deposit Phishing Scam

May 18, 2020

GW Information Technology has received several reports of a new phishing scam targeting international students on campus.

Victims of this scam may receive a fraudulent email claiming to be from the GW International Services Office. The communication directs the recipient to make a substantial bank deposit and provide other personal information in order to guarantee enrollment for Fall 2020 courses due to COVID-19. 

The GW community should ignore such requests and report any suspicious electronic communication to [email protected]


Remember to protect your information!

Always be wary of messages requesting account verification, confirmation or upgrade, payment or personal information such as your passwords, GWID, Social Security number or credit card information. 

Universities are frequently targeted by malicious actors who will attempt to acquire personal information about you and other members of the university community through email and over the phone. Please be aware that these attempts often seem legitimate. 

Ask questions, trust your instincts, and if things seem off, don’t be afraid to take a message and follow-up later. Attackers will frequently use a sense of urgency to prompt the victim into making a risky decision.

Questions? Concerns? Please contact GW Information Technology at 202-994-GWIT (4948), [email protected] or IT.GWU.EDU.