Scheduled Upgrades to Data Center and VRF Firewalls on the Foggy Bottom Campus

GW Information Technology (GW IT) will be performing scheduled upgrades to the Data Center and VRF Firewalls on the Foggy Bottom campus beginning Saturday, August 1, 2020 from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm.


Impact: The following services will be available during the scheduled firewall upgrades: wired Internet, GWorld card access, GWAlert, Virtual Private Network (VPN), and Blackboard.


The following service applications behind these firewalls will incur intermittent outages and/or operate in a degraded state. Upon completion of the scheduled upgrade, these services will need to be revalidated. Please report any issues after the upgrade to [email protected].


●      Award Tracking Portal

●      Colonial Connect

●      Listserv

●      Banner

o   Affiliate account requests

o   Banner Administrative Pages

o   Banner Printing

o   Change in Status

o   DegreeMAP

o   Electronic personnel action forms (EPAFs)

o   Faculty hire

o   GWeb Information System

o   GWid retrieval page

o   Labor Redistribution

o   Online course evaluations system

o   Perceptive Content

o   SQR

o   Stipend Management Application (SMA)

o   Student hire

●      VRF Networks: Building-Facilities, Campus Academics, SCADA

●      Guest Wireless/Student Wireless

●      Data Warehouse (external feeds)

●      MyGW Portal

●      GCAS Tracker

●      Enterprise Accounting System (EAS)

●      GW Documents

●      GWorld (Building Access Retained in Card Readers)

●      Expert Finder

●      Secure Transfer

●      JCI Metasys and SCADA

●      ARMS

●      Horizons virtual desktops

●      School of Public Health Drupal Websites

●      FBDC Load balancers and as a result all non-DR load balanced services.

●      Data Center Hosting

o   Virtual Machine Administration & Alerts

o   Virtual Machine Self-Service (including FBDC and VADC)

o   Virtual Machine Backups

o   Database Backups