Popular messaging app, WhatsApp Confirms Vulnerability - Provides Patch

May 15, 2019

WhatsApp, the popular Facebook messaging app, recently reported a vulnerability which could have exposed users to malicious spyware. A security advisory  provided by Facebook confirmed the vulnerability and supplied a list of affected versions of the app.


According to an article in the New York Times, WhatsApp released a software update on Monday that corrects the aforementioned vulnerability. At this time, GW IT is encouraging all WhatsApp users to update their apps as quickly as possible. Instructions can be found via the WhatsApp FAQ page.


In general, we recommend that users enable “automatic updates” on their mobile devices. This feature will help to keep software up-to-date as new versions are released. Keeping all mobile and digital devices updated with the most current operating systems, as well as setting up auto updates can be a strategic way to combat cyber threats to you and your digital devices.