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GW IT to Update GW Wireless Network

May 27, 2020

GW Information Technology (GW IT) is committed to providing our GW community the best experience possible when connecting to t

Security Deposit Phishing Scam

May 18, 2020

GW Information Technology has received several reports of a new phishing scam targeting international students on campus.

Scam Email Reports

May 05, 2020

GW Information Technology (GW IT) is investigating reports of scam emails regarding

Backup Today

April 28, 2020

There is little more demoralizing than to spend a couple of all-nighters working on a paper, only to have it disappear in a hard drive meltdown.

Strong Passwords - They Aren't SO Hard to Create

April 21, 2020

After years—even decades—of educational articles urging us to use more secure passwords, people still use “password” as a password. Or “123456.” Yikes!

Is Everybody Happy?

January 06, 2020

That’s what GW IT would like to know, and with new technology partner Happy Signals, we aim to find out.

NextGen WiFi On Its Way

January 02, 2020

GW IT is updating the campuses