Martha Virtual Agent FAQs

What is Martha?

Martha is GW's “Virtual Agent,” an easy-to-use channel that gives you access to the information and instructions for the services you want, when and how it is convenient for you. Supported by IBM's Watson Artificial Intelligence, Martha uses an intuitive conversational interface to help you:

  • Search knowledge base articles
  • Create/submit service requests
  • Check the status of your outstanding requests 
  • Provide step-by-step instructional support
  • Answer frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Integrate with other systems to perform simple tasks

What devices can I use to talk to Martha?

Martha can be run on the following machines provided they have an internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Google Chrome:

  • Windows Operating System laptops or desktops
  • Macintosh Operating System laptops or desktops
  • iOS Operating System for iPads or iPhones with Safari
  • Android OS smartphones and smart tablets. 

What do I say to Martha?

Martha is trained to understand what a user wants in their own words. Ask a question or state a request just like you would to a live person on the phone or in person. Find out Click here to find out what Martha can help you with.

Is Martha only for GW IT support?

Martha is for you! While most of its answers and functionality relate to GW technology support at the moment, the virtual agent can do much more. With further development Martha could grow to direct you to your next class, help you place an order for service in your residence hall room, or renew a library book. GW Information Technology (GW IT) will continue to work with our business partners across GW to look for systems and services to integrate into Martha's capabilities and enhance your GW student experience.

Why does Martha need to learn?

Martha is very young right now and still trying to learn new things, but she is always getting smarter. With your support we can continue to teach Martha about GW. Even if she hasn't learned about something you might not see on her topic list, feel free to still ask her. She also has access to Knowledge Base articles that she can look through to try and give you answers. The more questions you ask, the more Martha learns to help you!