Luke McNamara

Principal Analyst with Mandiant Threat Intelligence
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Luke McNamara is a Principal Analyst with Mandiant Threat Intelligence, with over eight years of experience focusing on nation-state and emerging cyber threats. In prior roles at FireEye, Luke led and produced research for FireEye's Strategic Analysis offering, delivering insights into macro cyber threat trends for executive clients. Before its acquisition by FireEye, Luke was a consultant with iSIGHT Partners, where he supported the establishment of the first cyber threat intelligence team at one of the largest banks in Australia. Luke also worked several years as a Cyber Espionage Analyst at iSIGHT Partners, tracking nation state threat activity targeting public and private sector enterprises. Luke has also helped lead the establishment of the FireEye’s Conceptual Intelligence Foundations course, a program designed to instruct and train cyber threat analysts. Prior to working in the cybersecurity sector, he supported the head of U.S. and ISAF forces in Afghanistan as a contractor on the COMISAF Advisory & Assistance Team (CAAT) and other counterinsurgency programs. Luke McNamara is a 2014 MPA graduate of Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs and holds a BA from Patrick Henry College.