Learn More About Martha: GW's Virtual Agent Pilot Project

August 27, 2018

The Division of IT is exploring new ways to access the information and instructions you need to get the services you want, anytime you want them. We have initiated a pilot project of a “Virtual Agent” called “Martha”, an easy to use channel to search knowledge, create service requests and check the status of your outstanding requests through an intuitive conversational interface.

Martha allows those who would traditionally call or send an email to request a service to now interact with bots across different mediums – like sending text messages from your phone or using a virtual agent app on your smart device to find information and submit requests.

The initial pilot is limited in scope, and won’t have all the answers yet, but can still be a powerful tool. The Artificial Intelligence behind “Martha” learns as you ask more questions and is constantly being tweaked to make the best answers available to you. The more you use Martha the better she becomes at answering questions for everyone at GW! Find information and solve issues on the go, from any device (native mobile apps for iOS and Android); Martha uses a Google-like search for finding useful catalog items, requests, ticket templates, knowledge articles and other resources.

Martha empowers you to get answers the way you want, when you want and on the device you want it on.



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