Jabber Request Form

Jabber, a Colonial Connect service from the Division of IT, brings phone capabilities to your computer through the integration of chat, voice, video and desktop share in one tool. Once installed, you can select any of these features from the Jabber window. Jabber allows you to make and receive calls, check voicemail, receive voicemail messages in your email inbox, group chat with others and easily see who is online, integrate your calendar and share video and desktop with someone else all from your computer. Jabber also supports WebEx integration, and will automatically send invites to those within a Jabber group chat if WebEx is needed. 

To see if you're eligible to start using Jabber, please fill out the form below. A Division of IT representative will follow up with you directly if you're eligible to receive Jabber. 

You will need a headset or other recommended device to utilize the Jabber service via your computer and/or smart phone. You can find an online order form here: http://it.gwu.edu/recommended-accessories
Check "Yes" if you have a multi-line set you use to answer someone else's phone from your desk.
Check "Yes" if you monitor if someone is on their phone by looking at a button on your phone.
Check "Yes" if you login to your current phone as a Call Center Agent
Check "Yes" if calls to your GW work telephone number are automatically forwarded to your cell phone.
Single number reach is available through Colonial Connect Mobile. With this feature, your office extension will ring on your mobile device, allowing you to answer a call on the device of your choice. If you responded "Yes" to the last question please enter the telephone number your phone is forwarded to.