Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management enables the creation, maintenance and use of a digital identity. With identity and access management, you are able to access the right resources at the right time for the right reasons. 

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Why does GW use Identity and Access Management?

Enables the GW community to manage access to their online resources in alignment with governing policies and risk-management practices.

  • Establishes a basis for online accountability
  • Streamlines how access to resources is defined and requested, reviewed, provisioned and de-provisioned
  • Authorizes activities based on assigned priveleges, user roles, affiliations and group memberships
  • Furthers GW's involvement in national trust frameworks such as InCommon and eduroam
  • Ensures GW meets requirements for identity assurance and privacy protection

How does Identity and Access Management Benefit GW?

  • Simplifies and improves user access to applications and information inside and outside the university 
  • Enables research and collaboration between students, faculty and staff within the university, and with colleagues from other institutions 
  • Protects university resources by using a standard approach 
  • Allows users to access multiple applications with a single username and password, with the ability to change the password as needed 
  • Future plans to enable multi-factor authentication methods and role-based access control

Identity Registration and Administration

Enabling members of the GW community to register the identities of individuals affiliated with GW; coordinating the related business and technical processes across affiliations to simplify the end-user experience, establish the basis for online accountability, and enables a single user profile for each person.

Account and Password Management

Issuing GW NetIDs, passwords and other login credentials to individuals affiliated within GW, and enabling them to manage their online accounts; supporting ways the GW community can sponsor GW NetID accounts for affiliated partners and collaborators.

Authentication and Authorization

Enabling the GW community to implement and externalize the technical access controls that verify the identities of users as they access resources and then authorize activities based on assigned privileges, user roles, affiliations, and group memberships.

Federation and Trust

Enabling the GW community to access and share resources across organizational boundaries and with third parties without having to issue new accounts and passwords, furthering GW’s involvement in national trust frameworks like InCommon and eduroam, and ensuring GW meets their requirements for identity assurance and privacy protection.