GWid v. Net ID

February 13, 2019

No, it isn’t a new blockbuster superhero movie. Nor is it an attempt to confuse you with competing identification systems. These two IDs are simply a common-sense approach by GW to ensure your security while providing access to the many real-world and online services provided by GW.


The GWid is the primary identifier for students, staff, and faculty, eliminating the use of your social security number for greater personal security. It is the number on your GWorld card that starts with the letter “G” followed by an eight-digit number.


Your GWid is needed for you to set up a Net ID, which is how you will access all of the resources available to you through the GW Portal - email, calendar, Blackboard and other services. Your Net ID is the group of letters that precede the @ symbol in your email address.


You can learn more about GWid here, and about Net IDs here.