GW Documents Transition

gw documents

The new GW Documents platform will provide secure document retention, collaboration and workflow automation to GW faculty and staff. The current GW Documents service will be transitioned to this new platform in 2018.


  • Store data, collaborate on documents, manage records, route documents for approval and apply retention policies to documents
  • The new GW Documents platform will support document workflow automation and integration

Migration to new GW Documents Platform

  • The Division of IT will work with staff to assist with migration to the new GW Documents platform
  • Activity in the current GW Documents platform will be frozen during the migration period, but you will still be able to access your files
  • Post-migration, documents from the current GW Documents service will be deleted
  • What can you do now? Review your current GW Documents cabinets and determine what information should be migrated to the new platform



In order to provide a seamless transition to the new GW Documents service, the Division of IT plans to delay the previously published migration schedule to evaluate and review additional features and options to fully satisfy existing and new needs of the university as a whole. At this time, the Division of IT is not migrating any group to the new platform. Additional communications will be sent to your group to determine a new migration schedule once the new platform is in place. If you have questions, please email¬†[email protected].