GW Mobile FAQ

What is GW Mobile?

GW Mobile is a mobile app that provides the GW community with access to key university resources. The app includes a variety of modules, including, but not limited to, academic course listings and class schedules, library and school information, campus advisories, GW email access, social media and news feeds, the University Calendar, shuttle information and 4-Ride reservations, alumni and GW Athletics information and more.


How can I access GW mobile?

GW Mobile is available as a free app for iOS and Android mobile devices. There is also a Mobile Web version of the app that can be accessed via an Internet browser from any mobile device or desktop computer.


How can I report an issue with the mobile app?

Issues with GW Mobile should be reported to the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948), [email protected] , or visit our helpdesk.


How can I request an enhancement to the mobile app?

GW community members can request/propose an enhancement to GW Mobile by completing and submitting the enhancement request form.


What development platform is the mobile app built on?

GW Mobile is built on the Kurogo mobile platform. For more information visit Kurogo.


How are enhancements requests evaluated?

GW Mobile is managed by a cross-institutional advisory board. This group reviews and approves proposed enhancements to GW Mobile based on the guidelines and evaluation criteria listed below. These standards have been established to ensure that proposed enhancements support the university’s mission/goals, are feasible and can be effectively supported and maintained after the initial deployment.

Enhancement requests

GW Mobile general guidelines

  • Supports a university initiative and/or supports the university’s overall mission and goals
  • Has a large, well-defined audience segment
  • Meets university visual identity standards and guidelines and can be designed to match GW Mobile branding
  • Has a well-conceived user experience as defined by the Online Strategy team within the Division of External Relations.
  • Does not duplicate or compete with existing mobile app functionality
  • Does not create liability issues or concerns as defined by the Office of the General Counsel
  • Is non-controversial
  • Needs an owner of the application as well as a succession plan with a long-term strategy
  • Needs approval of the official data owner and business process owner for any content being used and/or any business process impacted.
  • Has an effective support system and proper channels for end user support and escalation exist prior to deployment
  • Has an interface/process for maintaining data


Technical guidelines

  • Mobile-friendly web is the preferred method of delivering information to mobile devices because of the cross-platform capabilities
  • Mobile applications developed in hybrid or native code should support both iOS and Android devices at a minimum and must support the two most current versions of iOS and Android
  • An office or department presenting an enhancement is responsible for ensuring the technical support and maintenance of the application and any dependent components, including upgrades, bug fixes and security patches
  • Enhancements that involve custom coding must be submitted for an assessment, based on GW’s information security standards; failure to meet the standards will result in the enhancement being rejected
  • Mobile applications must be registered with the GW Information Technology Mobile Application Catalog

Enhancement requests that meet the general and technical guidelines will be evaluated on the following criteria

  • Extent to which the proposed enhancement takes advantage of relevant data and information resources
  • Evaluation of usage analytics data from GW Mobile and other GW online resources that relate to the proposed enhancement, if applicable (to use as an indicator of the need/demand for the proposed enhancement)
  • Application development plan and roadmap as provided by owner/requestor
  • Application support and maintenance plan as provided by the owner /requestor