GW to Implement Telephone Dialing Change

March 29, 2019

Beginning April 1, 2019, when placing a telephone call from a campus phone to an off-campus or non-GW phone number, it will be required to dial “8” instead of “9” prior to the full phone number. This change to dial access codes (DAC) is being made due to the significant number of 911 calls made by mistake when trying to call an outside line from campus phones.

On Monday, April 1, campus phone users will need to dial “8” to place off-campus telephone calls. This will also affect any pre-programed alarms/dialers on analog lines, such as dial out notifications for freezer alarms, temperature sensors, etc. and will need to be adjusted to use the “8” DAC.

If users inadvertently uses “9” to dial off-campus after April 1, they will hear a pre-recorded message instructing them to place the call again using the “8” DAC.

The change will affect all campus phones. Please use the following guidelines when making off-campus calls:

  • Local off-campus calls must be dialed as 8 + <10 digit number>. For example: 8-202-555-1212.
  • District of Columbia 7-digit enabled local dialing can be dialed as 8-555-1212.
  • Domestic long-distance calls must be dialed as 8 + 1 + <10 digit number>. For example: 8-1-540-555-1212.
  • International calls must be dialed as 8 + 011 + <international number>. For example: 8-011-33145884393.
  • For emergency services, both 911 and 9-911 can be dialed as well as 8-911.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact GW IT Support Center at 202-994-4948.