Featured Projects

The Division of Information Technology handles many IT-related projects to serve the technology needs of GW students, faculty, staff and community members. 

Single Sign-On at GW

The Division of IT is currently working on an access management project to provide a new single point of access to all GW web applications, authenticated through a Single Sign-On (SSO) method. 

Two-Step Authentication

The Division of IT is implementing a new secure login process to access some GW services and applications called two-step authentication

GW Box

The Division of Information Technology (IT) plans to introduce GW Box to the GW community beginning in the Fall of 2017. GW Box is an online cloud storage and collaboration tool accessible from any browser on any device.

GW Documents Transition

The new GW Documents platform will provide secure document retention, collaboration and worklow automation to GW faculty and staff. The current GW Documents service will be transitioned to this new online platform over the next year. 

GW TeamSites Transition

In the coming months, the Division of IT will be working with GW departments to transition your TeamSites and workflows to a new platform. Content migration will begin in March 2018 and all TeamSites and workflows will be migrated by June 2018.