Document Management Services

Which document storage service is right for me?

The Division of IT offers GW faculty and staff several document storage solutions. The best choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. Visit the all services page for detailed competitive features of all Division of IT offered document management services.

Security Best Practices

Please answer following security and compliance related questions and consult the guidance matrix to choose the right service for your needs. 

Do you need to store regulated information
Personal health information, students academic and financial records, research data protected by statute or regulation, personally identifiable data


GW Box and GW Documents are the only services approved to hold regulated information. 


GW Box

GW Documents

Store files containing regulated data
(for faculty & staff)
Store files containing restricted data

(for faculty & staff)

Storage SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Individual file size limit15 GB5 GB
Collaboratively edit documents with others
Easily share documents with users external to GW
Access files from a mobile device
Departmental ownership allowed
Recommended for individual use
Supports workflow
Route document for approval
Ability to apply retention policy to documents
Maintain document security outside the document repository
Ability to search and organize documents with advanced user-defined metadata
Digital Signature Capability



Do you need to store restricted information
Course information/class schedules, internal directory information, payroll/tax data, salary/benefits, performance appraisals, wire transfers, financial records and accounts, general ledger data