Division of IT Verified Email & Phishing Resources

The Division of Information Technology (IT) is committed to keeping the GW community secure. Review the resources below for verified email from the Division of IT, phishing resources and recent phishing attempts. 

Phishing is a type of online scam that uses false emails, forms and websites to collect personal information for identity theft. Such information can include usernames, passwords, Social Security numbers, credit cards and other information. Many of these scams appear legitimate but should be avoided and reported to [email protected].

The Division of Information Technology (IT) has recently received reports of a new type of phishing scam targeting numerous universities. This scam takes the form of fraudulent emails directed towards university employees indicating a change in their human resource status. The email asks the employee to validate that change by entering login information. Once in possession of this login information, the scammer uses it to access the employee’s direct deposit information.  

Please do NOT provide your account information, which includes your account name and password to ANYONE.

Please remember that you should always be wary of emails and ads from unknown senders or messages requesting account verification, confirmation or upgrade, payment or personal information such as your passwords, GWid, Social Security number or credit card information. Additionally, please ensure that your computer is patched with the most recent operating system updates. Finally, the Division of IT recommends not using the same password for multiple accounts, regularly checking direct deposit and payroll information and ensuring that when entering a password, letters are hidden after they are entered.