Data Warehouse

The university data warehouse (UDW) allows GW schools and departments to access useful reports on a number of subject areas, including class schedules, degree statuses and class rosters.

Class Roster by CRN

This report lists students registered in specific classes, as selected by course registration number (CRN); additionally, the report allows a user to enter multiple CRNs to display multiple class rosters.


Class Schedule

This report lists a schedule for classes and the registrar information regarding each class.


Single Student Courses and Grades.

This report provides information on individual students' courses taken and the grades earned in those course(s) (similar to an individual student's "Academic History" report in the Banner administrative system).  


Contract Summary

This report lists students who have third parties paying for their contract with GW and their student ID information, contract charge amounts, contract payment amounts, and contract balance amounts.


Potential Graduates

This report allows you to see the degree status of students for the graduation term, degree level, school and degree you select.


Class Roster by Course and Section

This report provides a roster of students registered in specific classes, as selected by course subject and course number.


Graduation Mail Merge

This report displays all students with the graduation term you select by school, major, student level, degree level and degree status.


Credit Hours and GPA Mail Merge

This report displays all students in the cumulative GPA, cumulative GPA hours, term GPA and term hours that you select  for the enrollment term, school, degree, major and student class that you select.


Class Listing

This report provides information about what classes are offered by term, college, subject, course number, course type, part of term, campus group and campus.


Room Usage Report

This report provides information on which classrooms are reserved by which classes and their capacity.


GW staff and faculty members and existing university data warehouse (UDW) users wishing to refresh their skills can access data warehouse training. 


User guides can be accessed under the support tab in your Data Warehouse account page. To access, click support, then visit the user manuals section. 

If you have any issues accessing this training, please contact the IT Support Center.

Fact/Dimension Lite Description
D_ACADEMIC_STANDING The Academic Standing Dimension shows the Academic Standing of current or past students.
D_ACTIVE_LOCATION The Active Location Dimension shows location information of the IP address for the Secure Access Monitoring Data Mart.
D_ADDRESS The Address Dimension shows Addresses used for Students current and past.
D_ADMISSION_RATING The Admission Rating Dimension shows the Students Admission Rating from 1 - 6.
D_ADMISSION_STATUS The Admission Status Dimension shows what the students status for being admitted to the University.
D_ADMISSION_TEST The Admission Test Dimension shows the student's Admission Tests and their maximum and minimum scores.
D_ADMISSION_TYPE The Admission Type Dimension shows what type of Admission of the student.
D_AGENT The Agent Dimension shows Agent information for the Call Center.
D_AGENT_GROUP The Agent Group Dimension shows what Group the Agent is in for the Call Center.
D_APPLICATION_STATUS The Application Status Dimension shows what kind of decision was made for the application of the student.
D_APPLY_DECISION The Application Decision Dimension shows what the latest application decision for the Student.
D_APRVL_CNTXT The Approval Context Dimension shows the level of the change in the Remedy System.
D_AWARD The Award Dimension shows all information relating to an Finance and Accounting Data Mart.
D_AWARD_INSTALLMENT_INFO The Award Installment Information Dimension shows the installment information relating to an Award used in the Finance and Accounting Data Mart.
D_BANMAP The Banner Map Dimension shows the mapping of  Banner Index and EAS used in the Finance and Accounting Data Mart.
D_BUILDING_ROOM The Building Room Dimension Shows information relating to buildings and rooms used for Course Management Data Mart.
D_BUILDING_ROOM_STATUS The Building Room Status Dimension shows if a room is availability of a room used for Course Management Data Mart.
D_C3_TEMPLATE The C3 Template Dimension shows the Template used for C3 Tickets.
D_CALL_DISTRIBUTION The Call Distribution Dimension shows Call Center Automation Call Distribution.
D_CAMPUS The Campus Dimension describes Campus locations for Courses.
D_CERTIFICATION_STATUS The Certification Status Dimension shows the Certifications for Employees.
D_CJOB_POP_STATUS The CJOB Pop Status Dimension shows an Employee's Current Position status.
D_COLLECTION_AGENCY The Collection Agency Dimension shows Collection Agency information used by the Student Accounts.
D_COLLEGE The College Dimension shows which College  current and past students are enrolled in.
D_COMPUTER The Computer Dimension shows computer information for the last user that accessed it used by Secure Access Monitoring Data Mart.
D_CONCENTRATION The Concentration Dimension shows the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Concentration being studied  for Current and Past Students.
D_CONTRACT  The Contract Dimension shows information for 3rd party billing and the attributes used in Contract Detail.
D_COURSE_ATTRIBUTE The Course Attribute shows all the attributes for Courses.
D_COURSE_CATALOG The Course Catalog shows all the course catalog information for the current and past Students.
D_COURSE_COMMENT The Course Comment Dimension shows all comments for Courses.
D_COURSE_MTGPATTERN_FLAT The Course Meeting Pattern Dimension shows the meeting patterns for all Courses.
D_COURSE_RESTRICTION_FLAT The Course Restriction Flat Dimension shows what is included or excluded for course information.
D_COURSE_SECTION The Course Section Dimension shows all information related to the Course and section.
D_CTI The CTI Dimension shows information for the Call Ticket Items.
D_CURRICULUM_BASE The Curriculum Base Dimension shows a current or past Students curriculum rule indicators.
D_CURRICULUM_MAJOR The Curriculum Major Dimension shows a current and past student's 1st and 2nd Curriculum Major Field of Study.
D_CURRICULUM_TYPE The Curriculum Type Dimension shows the curriculum is the primary or secondary for the student.
D_DB_APP The DB App Dimension shows the Data Base Application used for Secure Access Monitoring Data Mart.
D_DB_ARCHIVE_LOG The DB Archive Log shows the Archive Log ID used for Secure Access Monitoring Data Mart.
D_DB_MACHINE The DB Machine Dimension lists the Data Base machine name used for Secure Access Monitoring Data Mart.
D_DB_OPERATION The DB Operation Dimension lists the type of Data Base Operation done.
D_DB_OS_USER The DB OS User Dimension shows which Operating System is logged in for the Secure Access Monitoring Data Mart.
D_DB_PROGRAM The DB Program Dimension shows the Program Name for the Data Base used for the Secure Access Monitoring Data Mart.
D_DB_RECORD_SET The DB Record Set Dimension shows the Record set for the Data Base used for Secure Access Monitoring Data Mart.
D_DB_ROW_ID The DB Row ID Dimension shows the Row ID for the Data base used for Secure Access Monitoring Data Mart.
D_DB_SESS_INFO The DB Session Info Dimension shows the session information of the person who is making changes to the Data Base.
D_DB_SQL_AFTER The DB SQL After Dimension shows the Applied SQL Changes in the Data Base.
D_DB_SQL_AFULL The DB SQL AFULL Dimension shows applied SQL change (full) that was made to the Data Base.
D_DB_SQL_BEFORE The DB SQL Before Dimension shows the SQL before Changes.  This would be used if you need to recover after changes to the Data Base.
D_DB_SQL_BFULL The DB SQL BFULL Dimension shows SQL Recovery (Full) statement that was made to the Data Base.
D_DB_STATUS The DB Status Dimension shows the status of the Database.
D_DB_SYSTEM The DB System Dimension shows which system the change was made to such as Student, General, Payroll, etc.
D_DB_TABLE The DB Table Dimension shows the Data Base Schema and Data Base Table that was used when making changes to the Data Base.
D_DB_TRAN_USER The DB Transaction User Dimension shows the user who is making change.
D_DEF_PAY_PERIOD The Defer Pay Period Dimension shows an Employee's Defer Pay Period.
D_DEGAUDIT_ACTION The Degree Audit Action Dimension shows Audit Action, Audit Reason for a student.
D_DEGAUDIT_ADDTL_INFO The Degree Audit Additional Information Dimension shows Additional information from Line1 and Line2.
D_DEGAUDIT_AUDIT_TYPE The Degree Audit Audit Type Dimension shows Type of Audit, and Freeze Audit description for the student.
D_DEGAUDIT_DEGREE_SUMMARY The Degree Audit Degree Summary shows current and past student's degree summary used in Degree Audit Data Mart.
D_DEGAUDIT_LEVEL_SUMMARY The Degree Audit Level Summary Dimension shows the student's level summary for Degree Audit Data Mart.
D_DEGAUDIT_REQ The Degree Audit Requirement Dimension shows Degree Audit Requirements for students.
D_DEGAUDIT_RULE The Degree Audit Rule Dimension shows Degree Audit rules with the Hierarchy Levels 1- 3.
D_DEGREE The Degree Dimension shows the degree the current is pursuing or past student was awarded.
D_DEGREE_STATUS The Degree Status Dimension provides the status of the students degree for example if its Awarded, Complete-Pending Award, Sought, etc.
D_DEPARTMENT The Department Dimension will list the Departments and the codes along with the associated College.
D_DETAIL_CODE The Detail Code Dimension shows Fee information for transactions used for Student Account Data Mart.
D_EAS_INFO The EAS Info Dimension shows information related to EAS used for Finance and Accounting Data Mart.
D_ENCUMBRANCE_DOC_TYPE The Encumbrance Doc Type Dimension shows Document Type of Encumbrance used by Finance and Accounting Data Mart.
D_ENCUMBRANCE_INFO The Encumbrance Info Dimension shows Commitment information regarding the Encumbrance used by Finance and Accounting Data Mart.
D_ETHNICITY The Ethnicity Dimension describes Ethnicity for current and past students.
D_EXPENSE_TYPE The Expense Type Dimension shows information expenditure information used by Finance and Accounting Data Mart.
D_EXTENSION The Extension Dimension shows Call Center Extensions.
D_FACULTY_FTPT_STATUS The Full Time/Part Time Status Dimension shows the Faculty appointment status used by the Faculty Data Mart.
D_FEE_TYPE The Fee Type Dimension shows information regarding Fees for Student Accounts.
D_FIN_AID_PACKING The Financial Aid Packing Dimension shows the Financial Aid Packaging in the Student Application Data Mart.
D_GRADE The Grade Dimension will show all grades in the system used for Student Course Registrations.
D_GRADUATION_STATUS The Graduation Status Dimension will show Graduation Statuses of students for example Cleared, Pending, Submitted, Applied/Attending, etc.
D_ITSC_TICKET The Information Technology Service Center Ticket Dimension shows Case ID, and Ticket Summary.
D_JOB_CHANGE The Job Change Dimension shows why an Employee changed their Job for Human Resource Data Mart.
D_JOB_CONTRACT_TYPE The Job Contract Type Dimension shows an Employee's Job Contract Type such Primary, Secondary, Overload in Human Resource Data Mart.
D_JOB_LOCATION The Job Location Dimension shows where the Location of the Employee's job in Human Resource Data Mart.
D_JOB_STATUS The Job Status Dimension shows the Status of the Employee's job such as Active, Leave without pay without benefits, etc. in the Human Resource Data Mart.
D_JOB_TITLE The Job Title Dimension shows an Employee's Job Title in the Human Resource Data Mart.
D_LEVEL The Level Dimension provides  the student's Level i.e. Undergraduate, Graduate, Consortium.
D_MAJOR The Major Dimension provides the student's Major along with their CIPC Descriptions. In the UDW we show 1st and 2nd Majors of the student.
D_MERIT_AID_TYPE The Merit Aid Type Dimension will show what Merit Aid Type the student has for example Full Tuition, Room, Board, Books and Fees, $15,000 tuition,  No Merit-Based Aid.
D_MERIT_AND_SOURCE The Merit Aid Source Dimension will show what type of Merit Aid Source the student has for example ROTC, SEAS Clark Scholarship used with Student Application .
D_MINOR The Minor Dimension provides the student's Minor along with their CIPC Descriptions. In the UDW we show 1st and 2nd Minors of the student.
D_NATURAL_ACCOUNT The Natural Account Dimension will show Account and Attribute1 for the Natural Account used by the Finance and Accounting Data Mart.
D_ORGANIZATION  The Organization Dimension is used to describe Organization information and show the Human Resource VP School Division Hierarchy.
D_PROGRAM The Program Dimension shows what program the student is in.
D_PROJECT The Project Dimension shows all information pertaining to the Project used in Finance and Accounting Data Mart.
D_RACE The Race Dimension shows race information about current and past students.
D_RANK  The Rank Dimension shows Faculty Rank at Appointment used in Faculty Data Mart.
D_RECRUITING_STATUS The Recruiting Status Dimension will show the recruiting status of the student.  For example if the student is a Good Candidate, Transfer, Unacceptable Candidate, etc.
D_REGISTRATION_TYPE The Registration Type Dimension will list what type of Registration the student has and if its excluded or included in Institutional Research Official Counts.
D_REMEDY_GROUP The Remedy Group Dimension shows information of what Group Initiated the Ticket.
D_REMEDY_PRIORITY The Remedy Priority Dimension shows the ticket priority.
D_REMEDY_SOURCE The Remedy Source Dimension shows the Source of the Remedy Ticket such as Voice Mail, Walk-In, Email, etc.
D_REMEDY_STATUS The Remedy Status Dimension shows the status of a ticket.
D_RESIDENCY The Residency Dimension will show what Residency the student has and if they are In State or Out of State.
D_REVIEW_TYPE The Review Type Dimension shows the  Review Type for Faculty
D_ROOM_ATTRIBUTE The Room Attribute Dimension shows Room Attributes for example Whiteboards, Culinary Arts, etc. used for Course Management Data Mart.
D_SABBATICAL_TYPE The Sabbatical Type Dimension shows the Sabbatical Type for Faculty used for Faculty Data Mart.
D_SLA The SLA (Service Level Agreement) Dimension shows the Service Level Agreement and the Department used for Help Desk Tickets.
D_SOURCE The Source Dimension sows Recruitment Source Information for a potential student.
D_SPLIT The Split Dimension shows Call Center Split Code information used by Call Center.
D_SPONSOR The Sponsor Dimension shows Sponsor Information used by Finance and Accounting Data Mart.
D_STUDENT The Student Dimension shows information relating to the current or past student.
D_STUDENT_CLASS The Student Class Dimension shows Student's class such as Freshman, Sophomore, etc.  and min and max hours for the class.
D_STUDENT_GPA The Student GPA Dimension shows information for Overall, Institutional ,Transferred that make up the student's GPA.
D_STUDENT_RACE_ETHN The Student Race Ethnicity Dimension counts Race Ethnicity for a student.
D_STUDENT_STATUS The Student Status Dimension will show what is the students status such as Active, Withdrawn, Graduated, etc.
D_STUDENT_TYPE The Student Type Dimension will show what is the type of student. For example First Time Freshman, Transfer, Continuing Student. 
D_SUBJECT The Subject Dimension shows Subjects within Colleges.
D_TASK The Task Dimension shows information for Project Tasks Awards and the attributes that describe it used by the Finance and Accounting Data Mart.
D_TENURE_STATUS  The Tenure Status Dimension shows Faculty Tenure Status information used by Faculty Data Mart.
D_TICKET The Ticket Dimension shows the Work Request ID for a Ticket.
D_TICKET_CATEGORY The Ticket Category Dimension shows the Category of the Ticket such as Request, Repair, Problem, etc.
D_TICKET_DELAY The Ticket Delay Dimension shows the Reason a Ticket is Pending.
D_TICKET_INDICATORS The Ticket Indicators Dimension shows indicators for Help Desk, Escalated, Customer Care, First Contact Resolved, Technician Acknowledgement, ISS Group, Exceeded Service Level Agreement of a ticket.
D_TICKET_PROBLEM  The Ticket Problem Dimension shows the Problem Summary for the Ticket.
D_TICKET_RESOLUTION The Ticket Resolution Dimension shows how the ticket was resolved.
D_TICKET_TASK  The Ticket Task Dimension shows the tasks for the ticket.
D_TIME The Time Dimension describes date information.
D_TIME_DATE The Time Date Dimension describes time and date information.
D_TIME_HRS The Time Hours Dimension shows Time information.
D_TIME_TERM The Time Term Dimension shows Academic Term information.
D_TOKEN  The Token Dimension shows Token information when connecting.
D_TRAINING_CERTIFICATION The Training Certification Dimension shows Certification and if the Certification is required for the employee.
D_UNIVERSITY_ROLE The University Role Dimension shows the Role of the person in the University.
D_VECTOR The Vector Dimension shows Call Center Automatic Call Distribution Vector information.
D_VECTOR_DIR_NO The Vector Directory Number Dimension shows Automatic Call Distribution Victor Directory Number information.
D_VENDOR The Vendor Dimension describes Vendor information.
D_VETERAN The Veteran Dimension shows if a person is a veteran and what Benefit they have assigned.
D_VPN_GROUP The VPN Group Dimension shows VPN information for Group gw vpn1 - vpn4.
Human Resource Dimensions Dimensions which describes an employee and positions used for Human Resources Data Mart.