Colonial Connect Training

Online and in-person training is available for many Colonial Connect services. Please review the options below to find the training opportunity to fit your needs. If you have questions about Colonial Connect training, please contact [email protected]

Standard Colonial Connect phone units provide video functionality in addition to traditional phone features such as dial in/dial out, hold, forward, transfer and voice mail. Colonial Connect also includes powerful voice mail functionality as well as an integrated directory, eight-person ad-hoc conferencing, and extension mobility.  This training will show you how to use and leverage these features.

Online Training Videos

The link below provide online training and resources for Colonial Connect Phones.

Other Resources

WebEx is a powerful conferencing and collaboration tool that allows you to share your desktop, participate in multi-point video conferencing. This training will focus on leveraging WebEx Meeting Center for day-to-day conferencing. If you are interested in using WebEx for large-group sessions or academic use, please contact [email protected]. Information on using WebEx for faculty and staff or for students can be found in our knowledge base.

Colonial Connect Voicemail indicates a new message by a solid red light on your handset, a stutter dial tone on the line and a voicemail icon next to the line button with message count in the display. In order to access messages, press the voicemail button, or dial 4-4000 for Foggy Bottom users and 3-4000 for Virginia Science and Technology Campus users. Colonial Connect Voicemail also sends received voicemails directly to your email address.