Changes to Single Sign-On Application

The Division of Information Technology (IT) uses a single sign-on application (SSO) login before many online GW provided services. SSO requires you to enter your GW NetID and password before accessing these services. The single sign-on application will be upgraded on Tuesday, November 10, 2015, which will change your login experience with some online GW services.

Impact to users: The updated single sign-on application will include uApprove, which will ask users to accept terms of use and consent to have information provided to services accessed using the single sign-on application. The terms of use and consent screens will only appear when appropriate and only before some online GW provided services. While this will change your login experience, the services you access after accepting the uApprove conditions will remain the same. 

The upgrade to our SSO system will provide you with a means to accept the sharing of your name, email address and affiliation with the university with the service provider, and an ability to manage which service providers have access to this information. This information will not be distributed to other service providers or marketers. Please note that if you decline consent to share this information, you will not have access to the service provider's service. However, you can retry to enter the service and will be prompted again for consent in order to access the service. You are able to revoke consent at any time from the login screen by checking the option to release previous consent. 

Please see the screenshots below for examples of how the terms of use and consent screens will appear for those services impacted: