5 Steps You Can Take to Reduce Spam

September 12, 2018

Having an email account and getting Spam are often synonymous. Having unwanted emails infiltrate your inbox is practically unavoidable but there are ways to prevent those unwanted messages from clogging your inbox.

Here are steps you can take to reduce the amount of spam to your inbox:

  1. Check privacy policies – Before submitting your email address online, look for a privacy policy. Most reputable sites will have a link to their privacy policy from any form where you’re asked to submit personal data.

  2. Use filters or spam tagging – Many email programs offer filtering capabilities that allow you to block certain addresses or to allow only email from addresses on your contact list. Many email programs also offer spam tagging services that allow the user the option to review suspected spam messages before they are deleted.

  3. Don’t follow links in spam messages – Some spam relies on generators that try variations of email addresses at certain domains. If you click a link within an email message or reply to a certain address, you are just confirming that your email address is valid. Unwanted messages that offer an “unsubscribe” option are particularly tempting, but this is often just a method for collecting valid addresses that are then targeted for other spam.

  4. Report messages as spam – Most email clients (the service you use to send and receive email) offer an option to report a message as spam or junk. If your email client has that option, take advantage of it. Reporting messages as spam or junk helps to train the mail filter so that the messages aren’t delivered to your inbox.

  5. Disable the automatic downloading of graphics in HTML mail – Many spammers send HTML mail with a linked graphic file that is then used to track who opens the mail message. When your mail client downloads the graphic from their web server, the spammers know you’ve opened the message. Disabling HTML mail entirely and viewing messages in plain text also prevents this problem.