12 Tips to Help Create Effective Passwords

March 17, 2017

Passwords are a part of our daily lives. Even with multifactor authentication solutions, choosing strong passwords is critical in protecting your privacy.

It’s always recommended that you choose "strong passwords." But, what characterizes a strong password? Plus, how do you create a password you can remember?

Check out these 12 tips to help you create effective passwords:.

  1. Use a number and/or punctuation
  2. Always use as least eight characters
  3. Mix uppercase and lowercase letters
  4. Use phrases with no spaces, but avoid using proper spelling, or “dictionary words”
  5. Use multiple words strung together, separated by punctuation
  6. Never use personal information, such as your name or someone you know, such as birth dates
  7. Never use common single words, like “dog”
  8. Avoid using repeated characters, like “aaaa”
  9. Never use sequences, like ‘123456’ or ‘abcdef’
  10. Change your passwords every few months
  11. Use different passwords for different websites and applications
  12. Never share your passwords with anyone

Additionally, Microsoft offers a password checker that you can use to verify the strength of your passwords.

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