Directory of All Services

The Service Directory is a comprehensive list of Division of IT services that includes descriptions and how to acquire services.

Banner is a fully integrated software solution developed specifically for higher education institutions.

  • Banner Administrative System (INB): The Banner system provides administrative users access to enter and maintain student-, faculty/advisor- and staff-related data.  The Banner system supports functions related to admissions, registration, accounts receivable, financial aid, payroll and human resources.  Banner INB access is available for eligible personnel only.  To request access, please complete this form.
  • Banner Self-Service (GWeb): Banner includes a self-service feature, GWeb, which allows students, faculty, advisors and staff to access university services, such as registering for classes, viewing student accounts, accepting financial aid and viewing paystub or job information, online.  GWeb access is available to individuals who have roles at GW as students, faculty members, advisors and/or staff members.

Cable Television
The Division of IT provides high-quality digital cable TV services to the GW community, including basic cable, premium channels and 20 GW channels with specialized GW content.  The Division of IT provides service, installation, maintenance and setup boxes as part of the basic service.  Premium services such as HDTV are also available by request.

  • Faculty and Staff: For faculty and staff television request, please send an e-mail to
  • Students: Each residence hall suite is equipped with one digital converter box that provides basic cable service.  Each box receives a full digital television lineup, including HBO and Showtime.  The costs of this service are included in the residential housing fees.  Student cable service is fully supported by RCN.  For RCN support, contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948) and select cable television from the voice prompts.  Residents may visit to establish accounts directly with RCN for expanded service offerings.

Computer Support
Enhanced computer support services are available for faculty and staff endpoints, ensuring a stable and reliable computing environment. This service includes  the setup and technical support of endpoints typically found in an office environment.  Support services are provided desk-side or remotely via specialized support tools.

Data Center Hosting
The Division of IT provides a secure and reliable environment consisting of space, power, cooling and security for computing, network and storage systems.

Email (GWMail and GWemail)
GWMail and GWemail are the university's Google-based email systems for students, faculty, staff, alumni, departments and organizations.  GW community members can access their email through the web or by utilizing a personal computer-based email application.  GW email accounts (usernames) are based on GW NetID ( for students and alumni and or for faculty and staff).

Endowment Tracking System (ETS)
ETS tracks GW's detailed endowment activity and integrates with EAS.  This service is used only by authorized personnel for administrative purposes.  Access to ETS can be requested through the Finance Office.

Endpoint Support (Enhanced)
The Division of IT offers enhanced computer support services for faculty and staff workstations on a contractual basis for departments, units and divisions, ensuring a stable and reliable computing environment. This service includes complete setup and technical support of a typical functional office environment. Additionally, specialized support tools, including remote management, centralized workstation software updates (patches), centrally maintained and distributed software applications, security and authentication, file sharing, computer and software inventory management, firewall configuration and antivirus updates, can be used to effectively and, in some cases, remotely provide support, correct problems and maintain software.

Enterprise Accounting System (EAS)
EAS is the system that accounts for all of the university's financial transactions, processes all requests for purchases and payments and allows users to manage the financial aspects of their sponsored research.  Access to EAS can be requested through the Finance Office.

eRoom is an enterprise-level project collaboration tool and repository.  The application provides a customizable workspace that enables distributed teams to work together efficiently for the duration of each project.

File and Print Sharing
The Division of IT provides support for centralized file and print services, enabling departments around the university to easily collaborate, store files and print to networked printers.

fsaATLAS (login requires VPN)
fsaATLAS is an online foreign student case management application used by the International Services Office to meet US citizenship and immigration services documentation requirements.  fsaATLAS is available for eligible personnel only.  Should you need access, please contact the International Services Office.

GW Warehousing
The GW data warehouse provides faculty and staff with access to data from various enterprise systems in an intuitive and user-friendly web-based interface.  This service provides strategic and operational reports in multiple formats as well as ad hoc data analysis.  Current data offerings include student, course and financial information.  New areas of information are consistently being added over time. 

GWdocuments is GW’s enterprise document management tool and repository that provides university departments with the capability to store and retrieve documents in a consistent format while providing the flexibility necessary for each department to meet its individual business requirements. It allows for the same overall look and feel across GW while providing each department with the capability to select its own folder structure, index attributes and naming convention.

GWscan is GW’s enterprise scanning tool that interfaces with GWdocuments.  It provides university departments with the capability of scanning, pre-indexing and creating searchable PDF documents.

iBuy is an externally web-based application which provides a one-stop shopping alternative for ordering GW's most commonly purchased products.  All active GW staff members have shopper access to iBuy.  Requestor and approver access to the application is based on EAS requisitioning and workflow access.

IT Support Center
The IT Support Center provides call center and help desk services on supported systems, technologies and services to GW community members. Serving as the primary point of contact, the IT Support Center provides skilled staff who receive and record calls (incidents), make attempts to resolve incidents, escalate incidents to level 2 or level 3 Division of IT specialists and communicate incident statuses to customers. 

Kronos (must use Kronos Virtual Browser)
Kronos is GW’s workforce time management system for automated time and attendance tracking.  The application allows staff to use computer and telephone clock-in and clock-out to record hours worked and leave taken.  Basic Kronos access is available to GW staff.  Should additional Kronos access be needed, please contact your supervisor.

Managed Server
The Division of IT provides a complete managed server environment, providing clients with either physical servers or virtual servers to meet a variety of needs. The Division of IT provides servers and server administration for GW departments, leveraging GW's data centers in Foggy Bottom and Virginia, advanced infrastructure and skilled system administrators. The managed server service includes complete setup and technical support for servers.

myGW Portal
The myGW portal is a centralized university website that offers a broad array of resources and services, such as e-mail, forums, search engines and direct links to university services, including the GWeb Information System.  It also serves as a centralized location for many staff and faculty business applications that service daily financial and personnel transactions.  Finally, it provides a central repository for academic, campus and department information needed for the daily lives of GW students, faculty and staff.

This service provides Ethernet and Internet protocol (IP) connectivity to the university's network, which allows access to the commercial Internet and research networks. A standard network connection is offered for desktop computers, printers, IP phones and other non-critical network-enabled devices, as is a high-speed connection for supporting servers or computer labs.

Nolij Transfer
Nolij Transfer is used to import external data such as SAT scores, admissions application data and recruit cards into the Banner database.  When loading data into Banner, Nolij Transfer uses logic that ensures duplicate identities are not created in the Banner database.  This application is widely used across the administrative departments.  Should you need access, please contact your supervisor or the Banner Enterprise Information Analysis and Solution Design team.

Nolij Web
Nolij Web is a document imaging and decision support solution that integrates with Banner and other enterprise applications.   The application allows its users to scan and electronically file documents into a document repository.  Nolij Web is used by eligible personnel within Undergraduate Admissions and the Office of Student Financial Assistance.  Should you need access, please contact your supervisor.

Paybase (Check Printing System)
Paybase is a desktop application used for the printing of checks out of EAS accounts payable and Banner payroll; it is also used to generate Banner payroll electronic direct deposits.  EAS and Banner interface check data to Paybase via Secure Data Transfer.  This service is used only by authorized personnel for administrative purposes.

Residential Management System (RMS)
RMS is  used by GW Housing Programs to manage GW’s complete housing operation.

  • RMS Administrative System (requires VPN): RMS is an online application used by GW Housing Programs to manage GW's complete housing operation, including room assignments and accommodation management.  RMS access is available to eligible personnel only.  Should you need access, please contact your supervisor.
  • RMS Student Portal (GW Housing Web Portal): The GW Housing web portal is an online system that allows students to make and review room and meal bookings, check in to their room assignments and provide emergency contact information.  Access to the portal is available to GW students.

Resource 25/Schedule 25
Resource 25 is a system used by the Office of the Registrar for academic and event scheduling to manage spaces, classes, events and resources.  Resource 25/Schedule 25 access is available to eligible registrar personnel only.  To request access, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Stipend Management Application (SMA)
SMA is a web-based application accessed from the myGW Portal.  It supports the submission and approval of student stipend awards as well as tracking and approval of monthly scheduled payments.  The application interfaces with EAS for supplier creation and payment issuance of the stipends.  SMA also interfaces to GWdocuments to store and retrieve attachments to stipends.  All active GW staff members have the ability to initiate stipends in SMA.  Approval access is requested via the EAS access form.

StudioAbroad is the software solution used by the Office for Study Abroad to provide information to students, staff, administrators and parents regarding study abroad programs.  Administrative StudioAbroad access is available to eligible study abroad personnel only.  To request access, please contact your supervisor.

Telephone Services
This service provides the installation, maintenance and support of voice and data connections, voicemail, long-distance dialing and telephone repair for GW students, faculty and staff.

Travel and Expense Application
The travel and expense application is a web-based application used to submit online travel and expense reports.  It is available to all GW staff members.