Conference Calls

The Division of Information Technology offers three types of teleconference services

  • To add one additional person to a call, use individual conference calling.
  • For groups of six or fewer, use a Meet Me Conference.
  • For groups larger than six people, please contact the communication services team at 202-994-5100 for assistance.

Individual Conference Calls
If you have a multi-line telephone set, you can add an additional person to a call by following the directions below:

  • Press "Conf."  This puts the original party on hold and selects an open line.
  • Dial the number of the third party.
  • Press "Conf" again to add the original party, and all three people are joined.

To add a call that is already on hold to another call to which you are connected:

  • Press "Conf."
  • Press the call appearance button of the call on hold.
  • Press "Conf" again.
  • To drop the last person added to a conference, press the "Drop" button.

Meet Me Conferencing
Meet Me Conferencing allows users to improve collaboration by easily setting up conference calls.  After making a reservation, you will receive a dial-in number and secure password.  Meet Me Conferencing offers an efficient 6-party conferencing capability. 

GW's conference calling services have many benefits, including:

  • Substantially reduced costs over traditional third-party conference services with GW's one-time flat fee per business day.  This allows you to pay by the conference call, not by the length of the call or by the number of attendees.  Additionally, GW's Meet Me Conferencing does not have a setup fee.
  • Quick and efficient conference call handling, from setup to conclusion
  • One GW dial-in number which can be used for up to six participants from anywhere on campus or across the world
  • Cost savings on departmental long-distance costs, since offsite callers call you instead of you having to call them and incur long-distance fees
  • Quick, simple setup.  Give us 24 hours, and the Division of IT will make sure your conference call is set up and ready to go for all of your business and academic needs.

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