Case Studies

GW Bolsters Security and Accessibility of Student Transcripts
The Division of IT and Informative Graphics used a combination of technologies to organize and lock down mission-sensitive documents.

GW Improves Collaboration Capabilities While Strengthening Security and Reliability
The Division of IT and Novell deployed Novell Cluster Services to ensure high availability and extend the lifecycle of its existing hardware.

GW Creates a Centralized IT Infrastructure for the University Server Environment
The Division of IT and VMware teamed up to virtualize GW's servers.

GW Develops a Secure and Expedient Method for Users to Access GW Networks
The Division of IT and BlueCat Networks streamlined the process of handing out IP addresses, validating users and giving them secure access to the GW network.

GW  Delivers Robust and Secure Wireless Network Services Across Campus
The Division of IT and Juniper Networks collaborated to develop and implement GWireless across the Foggy Bottom, Mount Vernon and Virginia Science and Technology campuses.

GW Promotes Cutting-Edge Telecommunication Services
The Division of IT partnered with Avaya to produce a highly effective telecommunication solution.

GW Ensures Business Continuity with Innovative Server Technology
The Division of IT and Sun Microsystems mitigated existing data centers to a next-generation business continuity data center environment with increased flexibility and instant failover.

GW Supports Educational Excellence with New Optical, Security and Wireless Solutions
The Division of IT and Cisco Systems worked together to develop an innovative solution for GW's data center.